Yearly Archives: 2021

  • WooHoo!! A New Year!

    A new year. We have orbited the sun again and now it is time to change the numbers; 2021 becomes 2022. The past year is memorialized in blogs and posts and newscasts and photos and Instagram, portraying images and stories considered important during the past 365 days. Perhaps you have always practiced a turning-of-the-year tradition, …

  • FREA News 10

    Michelle Snyder Time is interesting. It seems to drag sometimes, and other times fly by. Still, the sun rises and sets regularly, so how could time be racing faster and faster? At FREA that perception is easy as we research, organize, and compile manuscripts from Doc E’s life work. There is always another page or …

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  • The Enzmann Chronicles: Bringing Starship Culture to the Modern Day

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  • FREA Publications – A Brief Overview

    ENDEAVOR ENDEAVOR is our flagship publication. Within it, we provide information about Dr. and Mrs. Enzmann for anyone who wants to learn more about these two extraordinary individuals. From our first issue in 2019 to our most recent issue, ENDEAVOR provides articles, research, and original writing to help you understand the near-century of important work …

  • A Brief History of Dr. Enzmann’s Career

  • New: Verity’s Dragon! Get Your Copy Today.

    Verity’s Dragon is Dr. Enzmann’s first science fiction novel. In this gripping story, AI awakens a sleeper adrift among the stars. This sleeper has been floating in space for eons, carrying within it a secret which, if released, will become the most powerful force in the universe. Don’t miss the ride of a lifetime – …

  • Microscope

    This microscope was used by Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann in his research. It now resides with the other excellent pieces waiting for the future Enzmann Museum to be built. More