Monthly Archives: October 2021

  • Microscope

    This microscope was used by Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann in his research. It now resides with the other excellent pieces waiting for the future Enzmann Museum to be built. More
  • Globe

    This 24" globe was given to Dr. Enzmann by a university he taught at. Joanna Enzmann donated it to FREA for the future Enzmann Museum. More
  • Kingfisher Bird Taxidermy

    These beautiful birds belonged to Joanna Enzmann's mother. They are now a stunning addition to the future Enzmann Museum. More
  • Pluto’s Potential

    1 – A year on Pluto adds up to 248 Earth years. A day, meanwhile, lasts 153 hours, or approximately 6 Earth days. 2 – Pluto’s thin atmosphere is made up of nitrogen, methane, and carbon monoxide. There is a blue tint to the atmosphere and several distinct layers of haze. 3 – The surface …

  • Interstellar Calculations Article Mention

    In a 32-page document, Kelvin F. Long, BEng, MSc, FBIS, CPhys, and Director of the Interstellar Research Centre Initiative for Interstellar Studies called out the Enzmann Starship as a possible option for a slower starship, compared to the vessel proposed by Long’s work. Long examined three possibilities of the Enzmann Starship: the Enzmann Slow Boat, …