Yearly Archives: 2023

  • The Handbag of God

    Theories about the meaning of the ‘handbag’ in ancient images like the above, range from the idea that it proves time travel – how else could a god from long ago have a designer bag? – to its use for carrying gold while hanging from an ancient Egyptian helicopter.   In order to decode symbols …

  • Mothers

    Mothers are worshiped and feared, loved and resented, emulated and ignored. They are powerful storytellers, hard workers, and resilient human beings. Where would we be without mothers? Truth is, we wouldn’t be. Mothers have been around since life began. Children are the hope of the future, and mothers bring forth children. A female’s ability to produce …

  • Goddesses and the Divine Feminine

    Michelle Snyder Symbolic imagery for the feminine is as ancient as prehistory.  Magdalenian (12,500 BC) inscriptions show symbols translated by Duncan-Enzmann as shelter, food, and childcare, all feminine concepts.  The triad goddess begins there: grandmothers teaching mothers teaching daughters how to spin, dye, weave, and tailor garments during the bitter cold Ice Age.  The Vanir [...] More
  • Kabbalah, Cabala, Qabalah

    Long before there were religious concepts of good and evil, there was magic. In this magic-pool arose an occult philosophy called the cabala. The name is from the Hebrew qibbel, which means to receive and signifies “knowledge handed down by tradition.” For a while, it was the secret practice of the Jews. By the time it [...] More