Monthly Archives: February 2023

  • Goddesses and the Divine Feminine

    Michelle Snyder Symbolic imagery for the feminine is as ancient as prehistory.  Magdalenian (12,500 BC) inscriptions show symbols translated by Duncan-Enzmann as shelter, food, and childcare, all feminine concepts.  The triad goddess begins there: grandmothers teaching mothers teaching daughters how to spin, dye, weave, and tailor garments during the bitter cold Ice Age.  The Vanir [...] More
  • Kabbalah, Cabala, Qabalah

    Long before there were religious concepts of good and evil, there was magic. In this magic-pool arose an occult philosophy called the cabala. The name is from the Hebrew qibbel, which means to receive and signifies “knowledge handed down by tradition.” For a while, it was the secret practice of the Jews. By the time it [...] More