Dr. Enzmann seems to have answers spanning back to 450,000 BC when it comes to the history and development of observation methods. 

In The Study of Astronomy through History, FREA provides a timeline excerpt from Proto History of Astronomy, along with a brief history of Astrology and how it guided the development of modern Astronomy. Why did knowledge of the stars determine life or death for thousands of years, and how was it possible without the technology available to us now? 

Since the time of scripture, we have been musing about the stars and now we have companies like Lunar Solar Corporation striving to make space exploration predictable and safe for anyone with the means to go. With each piece of mythology and observation over the long history of our planet, we become closer to seeing it all for ourselves.  

In this article he writes: “The heavenly bodies, particularly the Sun and the Moon, hold great power over the survival of people; astronomical knowledge was never a choice, it was critical. It still is. Predicting weather cycles and storms, knowing when you could hunt at night under a full moon, and foretelling other astronomical events became a science. We now listen to meteorologists tell us when rain is coming, or when we need to board up our windows because a hurricane is imminent. We depend on astronomers to warn us about the potential impact from comets and other heavenly objects.”

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