Michelle Snyder, Founder, Vice President, Lead Editor

One focus of our effort has been to prepare for a unique Tag Sale to be held this fall to help raise money for FREA. Kim Beals, our lead archivist, has become an expert in the value of everything from stamp collections to Beanie Babies. Our Enzmann Foundation Tag Sale is scheduled for early October and will have an amazing variety of objects – a very eclectic collection. While investigating the extent of items we can sell we have set aside those unique enough to be included in our Enzmann Museum. The research has been a team effort, with Payton Beals and Edmund Devine doing a considerable amount of research into the history of the coins, stamps, geological samples, and oceanic samples. FREA is grateful for the enthusiasm of our Friends. 

In September we welcomed Holly Snyder to our Board and to our staff part-time. She brings many talents to FREA; she is an experienced real estate paralegal and office manager; she has a long-standing relationship with Doc and Joanna Enzmann and the material in the Archive and is engaged to their grandson Nicholas.  Holly has agreed to learn the general operations of FREA, including the publishing process. 

Our publication of the new Enzmann Chronicles is well underway, we now have five issues available. The extent of the Enzmann Universe is extraordinary, and the Archive is a boundless source of story outlines and written excerpts. There are short stories that boggle the imagination, and the core ‘mythology’ of the Enzmann Universe, Wagon Train to the Stars. Characters, places, events, struggles, relationships – all have hundreds of pages of notes and outlines for us to compile, write, edit, and publish for your enjoyment. We have followed the capture, trial, and execution of the clone Verity, and now we follow her Locket into the vast, seemingly endless universe. There is much more to come.

Doc E’s writing on the seven days of creation, which will be published here in the ENDEAVOR, and eventually be a separate book. Doc E connects each day of creation as stated in the Holy Scriptures, with the science that it alludes to. A fascinating and challenging project as it includes astronomy, physics, philosophy, Scripture, history, and more. We feature the first level of discovery in this ENDEAVOR for your enlightenment, in the Cosmology section, Blair March, editor.

Geology consultant Payton Beals provides FREA with a report on his first few months of research into the geological activities of Doc E, both the written records and the geological samples in the Archive. 

Archetypes are images that have no cultural boundaries and are timeless. Read The Symbologist’s article Archetypes Unlocked in The Archive Blog. She provides insight into these unique images.

To gain access to all this unique material, all issues of ENDEAVOR and the Enzmann Chronicles, become a member. You will also be able to read all the interesting posts in The Archive Blog. FREA is supported by its members and sponsors, books sales, and donations. Remember to sign up for our free monthly newsletter!

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