From ‘Astronomical Chronology’

Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann
Voids Great voids occupy most of the visible volume of our universe

React against the presence of all coherences. Within voids and volumes of space in which mass is more abundant, photons will appear at random. More will form in voids than amidst concentrations of coherent mass and energies. Void reacts against the presence of coherent energies and masses impelling them away and out of chaotic void. Great voids are the progenitors of tapestry sheets.

 Sheets Between Voids

Older, gas-poor galaxies, tramp dusty gasses, stars, globular clusters all of which are impelled toward the sheets by reaction of the voids on either side; and all of which are concurrently impelled toward filaments at the edges of sheets.

 Filaments at intersections of Sheets between voids

Reaction impels filament substance toward tapestry Junctions.  The Milky Way and Andromeda are in a filament pointing to the Virgo Junction and Super Cluster – dominated by a giant elliptical galaxy. In the filament, both move toward Virgo. Filaments form where sheets intersect.

Junctions are filament intersections

Ref.: One section of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey plot of 60,000 in red, in three dimensions. Out to about 6,000,000,000 light years. The red horizon is at 15,700,000,000 light years. Earlier surveys are plotted in green.  

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