FREA News 4

Michelle Snyder, Vice President 

The Foundation for Research of the Enzmann Archive, Inc, was founded on August 10, 2018.

What we are creating is a resource of knowledge accrued over many decades by two superb intellects. The subjects covered in this resource are almost endless. There is enough material here to be explored, compiled, edited, and published to support many doctorates. 

To make it even more exciting, the Enzmann Library consists of hundreds of books, magazines, articles, and other published support materials that range from the 1800s to recent publications – textbooks and resources used by the Muckenhoupt and Enzmann family for generations. The Enzmann Gallery will display artwork created by Doc E and Joanna and a collection of artifacts from their considerable travels, as well as personal things that are characteristic of the Enzmanns as we know them. Geological samples from all over the globe, photographs from interesting places, and collections of unusual objects will fill our private Enzmann Museum. 

The renovations on FREA property are providing reality to our vision. Bookcases and floors, lighting and storage have all been accomplished, yet there is still a long way to go. We look forward to opening our library, gallery, and museum to the public by appointment.  

As if that weren’t enough, the two acres FREA has acquired will be developed to provide an interesting and beautiful place to visit. Our wondrous Ginkgo tree sheds a golden carpet onto our deck and yard every fall, after displaying a brilliant gold canopy of leaves for several weeks. It may well become a favorite place for special photographs. 

The Enzmann Archive has magic of its own. People come and browse, then want to come back and really look. Friends of FREA has gained a new ally, Peyton Beals, joining us as our Geological Research Editor. He is working on the documents as well as the geological samples from decades of Doc E’s work. They are slowly getting sorted and labeled, and even matched with documents that explain their part in Doc E’s work. 

We are also excited about our new website and marketing, thanks to Dave Thakar. FREA will offer subscriptions to online versions of our books and quarterlies, images, and articles. Watch for our promotions. 

At this writing, Covid-19 has shut down most of the world, and as such our WIT function is postponed until further notice. Hope you and your loved ones are well. 


More About When We Were Founded
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