Michelle Snyder, Founder, VP, Editor 

Yet, with all struggle comes strength. As individuals and businesses, we must play the hand we are dealt and still try to win. Doc E taught us to stay focused on the task, never quit, and be skeptical. His passing is unique, for he is now in cryogenic stasis, awaiting advances that will allow him to return someday. He is also on every piece of paper and in every computer file FREA has that were created by his hand. We are surrounded by Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann. 

Our mission has been and will continue to be compiling, editing, and publishing the information poured forth from one of the greatest minds to live in centuries. And yet we are aware that in the Archive is on-ly a small percentage of what Doc E really knew. The rest sits in his brain, waiting. Ironically, his knowledge helped create the foundation on which his human hopes rested for his fate after death. He helped found the cryogenic science and business which now holds his hoped-for future. 

So, we forge ahead in FREA, researching the seemingly endless paper and objects in the Archive, piecing together the life and knowledge of an enigmatic life. 

In other FREA news, we are sad to lose Lisa Bengiovanni from our Board but wish her the best as she builds a new life with her fiancé Heath VerBurg, a FREA friend for more than a decade. Congrats to you both – a match even the stars cannot deny.

In her place, we welcome Holly Snyder, an experienced paralegal who is studying natural sciences. Her fiancé is the grand-son of Doc E – we couldn’t have asked for a better fit. Holly will also work once a week for FREA, two days with our President, and two days with the Science Ar-chive. Another addition to our Board is Ron Haley, a Past Master in Freemasonry, an expert analyst working with AI and machine learning, and a member of the Board of Lunar Station Corporation. Ron is a natural at networking and connections. His addition to our Board is a perfect fit. 

We are happy to report that FREA has taken in about $5,000 from our Tag Sale and subsequent sales. We still have in our inventory of items to sell many beautiful pieces of crystal, dolls, stamps, coins, shells, gems, silver, china, and toys and gifts. We will eventually offer these items online. 

FREA has also received the proposal for architectural changes to the two buildings, expanding each one’s space for added function and comfort. Significant repairs to the roof will be done at the same time. A shed dormer will be added to the back of the West Wing and the East Wing. When this is accomplished, we will move ahead with the renovations necessary for the Museum space. John Marro, our architect, has taken meticulous measurements and is a creative thinker about how to update our 300-year-old property.

At this time our newest publication, Enzmann Chronicles, is in its seventh month! Our editors are compiling a unique story, one of Doc E’s best. Althea is about an AI Robot Tank that ‘wakes up.’ Written in the early 60s, it is the back story to the AI starship engineering in the Enzmann Universe. It will be published as a serial each month, along with Wagon Train to the Stars and other short features. 

Like all schools, New England SciTech has faced challenges holding its classes. As life returns to something resembling normal, FREA will once again donate to the FREA/NEST scholarship, which the school will use as they see fit. 

Perhaps the best news is our contract with inThink, a business growth and marketing company. We are being discovered, re-branded, and rebranded with a new website and lead campaigns in the marketing effort. A most generous donor has covered the rather hefty cost of having this top-of-the-line company take us on. 

Finally, at FREA, we hope you had a wonderful holiday season. Despite the challenges of 2020, we must all find reasons to be Thankful and practice the charity and generosity, which is key to the season of giving and having a better next year.


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