Thirteen Precepts

Thirteen Precepts

Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann

1) Infinite Regression is impossible (St. Thomas Aquinas).

2) We can only describe, never explain. We describe para-metrically with language and metrically with measured geometric vectors and information vectors.

3) A consistent description is incomplete; a complete description is self-inconsistent (Gödel’s Proof).

4) Faith is more fundamental than logic. We have faith that the observable universe is consistent.

5) Ultimate Substance -it not only cannot be described but it also can’t even be imagined. Try to do it. What are string theory’s strings made of?

6) Order and Chaos – all things knowable and observable are of morphological orders. The entities therein are very similar, but like snowflakes, not identical.

7) Chaos Theory addresses transformation (transfiguration) of substances and energies between orders, from order to order.

8) Life Cycles applied to both the animate and reasonably well to the inanimate; they include conception, birth, youth, maturity, old age, possibly rejuvenation as used in geo-morphology, death, devolution, and transfiguration.

9) Ultimate Underlying Consistency exists, it guides lifecycles, it guides transitions from order to order through the chaos between. The Consistency isn’t and never will be understandable. I call it Deity.

10) Information and energy, and therefore material things can be equated: bits equate to nats, energy and mass equate.

11) Information, energy, and things’ life cycles may be said to pass through channels; all channels are lossy, all channels suffer some measure of noise, therefore no creature, thing, or information can endure eternally.

12) I venture: Darwinian evolution – mutation at random with selective survival? As a point in case, Earth’s creatures are symmetrical, and evolution which we see is far too ‘swift’ to be described by random survival, even leavened with epigenetics.

13) The ultimate consistency is eternal. And I repeat an often-asked question: Why is there anything?

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