By Robert Duncan-Enzmann

Infinite regression is impossible (St. Tomas), meaning we can only describe, never explain.

Description & Goeddel’s Proof: A consistent description is incomplete. A complete description is self-inconsistent.

Faith is more fundamental than logic. We describe parametrically with language, metrically with measured geometric vectors, and information vectors. We have faith that the observable universe is consistent.

Ultimate Substance: Not only can it not be described but it also cannot even be imagined. Try to do it. What are string theories’ strings made of? Imagine an ultimate particle. Is it elastic? What is it comprised of to make it elastic?

Order & Chaos: Order Theory. All things knowable or observable are of morphological orders. The entities therein are very similar, but like snowflakes, not identical. Chaos Theory addresses transformation [transfiguration] of substances and energies between orders, from order to order.

Life cycles: Applied to the animate and reasonably to the inanimate include conception, birth, youth, maturity, old age, possibly rejuvenation as used in geomorphology, death, devolution, and transfiguration.

Ultimate, Underlying Consistency exists; it guides life cycles, it guides transitions from order to order through the chaos between. The consistency is not and never will be understandable. I call it Deity. Information and energy and, therefore, material things can be equated (bits equate to nats, energy and mass equate.) Information, energy, and things’ life cycles may be said to pass through channels. All channels are lossy; all channels suffer some measure of noise. Therefore no creature, thing, nor even information can endure eternally.

Darwinian evolution: mutation at random with selective survival. As a point in case, Earth’s creatures are symmetrical, and evolution, which we see is far too swift to be described by random survival, even leavened with epigenetics.

The Ultimate Consistency is eternal. I repeat an often-asked question: “Why is there anything?”

My generations-long working background in the military, along with cryptography and information sciences, with a spare-time hobby collecting photos of ancient rock inscriptions, which grew ever more pleasantly interesting, drifted into research. The research was slowly developing as I collected a few and eventually hundreds of Magdalenian inscriptions. Inscriptions ranged from short to lengthy with scores, hundreds, occasionally thousands of symbols from a single site. A few inscriptions were on leather, which easily rots away, but most on stone, ivory, and bone.

It was a happy undertaking. Most of my collection is from the c.12,500 BC Magdalenian Warm Bølling centuries. With several thousand examples available, soon, a number of inscriptions were readable. Publishing nothing, I spent interesting decades considering accounts of textile, housing, hunting, and a little on plants and the first stirrings of agriculture.

Recently, I realized that the combination of belief in a deity, universal and decent human ethics toward others and self, and the foundations of all sciences, which I believe is the essence of the Freemasons. Masons’ all-inclusive brotherhood and sisterhood include in their ceremonies and lore a guide to human goodness along with an outline of our ethical, engineering, agricultural, and scientific history.

Moreover, I venture to add that, while the guidance to goodness is easily appreciated, what are now but cryptically short records and ceremonies vaguely, if at all understood, make it most difficult to appreciate the millennium of ethics, engineering, and science they describe.

My notes are arranged by time, not historical, though as accurate as currently possible, and though in a curious style, quite effectively both convey and interrelate information.

Most Basic Precepts:

A basic never-to-be understood consistency in God’s unknowable beginnings and a world without end.

Infinite regression is impossible.

Mankind never explains. He can only describe.

God, intelligence, evolution, science.

Cycling from Order via chaotic transition to Order, impelled by a “consistency.”

Finally, I state that my most fundamental precepts demonstrate an unknowable deity.

1- the unknowable consistency

2- description

3- orders – chaos but a world without end

4- let there be light

Darwinian Evolution is simplistically fundamental but grossly incomplete.

Notes: Anthropoid c,10,000,000 – 8,000,000 Chimpanzee hominid split. Anthropoid c. 9,000,000 – 7,000,000 Oreopithecus. Isle near Italy, long climbing arms, walker’s pelvis. Anthropoid c. 8,000,000 Gorillas and Chimpanzees evolved toward knucklewalking.

Ethics of Masonic Fellowship: Women and children first. Stand together, stand-alone when one must. Not sadly at war, but Brethren with soul, knowledge, and body. Love is unconditionally given. It is natural, even instinctively given. The gift ranges from slight to life itself among those believing they do right. Humanity’s finest, greatest moments and achievements are based on love.

Love so generously, unconditionally given, is all too easily abused. Humanity’s foulest, basest moments and most depraved actions are all too often abuses of love.

Love has been formalized in ice-age inscriptions, then more recently by Christ, Buddha, Krishna, and others.

Is love ultimately just an expansion of Darwinian Evolution in which cooperating bacterial scum, like tooth tartar, or scale in water and sewer pipes, theoretically evolved from autocatalytic chemistry sequestered in micelles, then into slime molds and on to mankind? Not at all.

Love is of the ultimate geometer, builder, consistency, God. A gift to all who are knowledgeable. In today’s world, one of its most eloquent formalizations is expressed by the tolerance of Masonic Fellowship.