Science and Religion

Enzmann cosmology discussed between the Reverend and the Mathematician.

Reverend: You’ll begin with scripture?

Mathematician: Yes. Of course, with ‘Let there be Light.’ And ending with ‘From Dust to Dust.’

The Materialistic part of our Christian Cosmology describes life cycles of all things. There are cycles within cycles, within cycles, however as St. Thomas said: There is s no infinite regression.

I venture that nothing mechanical impelled by force can happen instantly; therefore, were anything to regress infinitely it would never happen. Even worse in such a universe, all would be disjoint cause-without-effect, effect-without cause.

The grandest, first, and all-encompassing as far as living and other material things are concerned, is Genesis, ‘Let There Light’ and Genesis ‘From Dust to Dust.’ I’ve often said: ‘Scripture is cosmology.’

Here’s a State Space Diagram of ‘From Dust to Dust.’

Reverend: State Space?

Mathematician: Things. The morphology of all things, all coherences, all energies, ‘realities’ are states; let’s talk about it when we elaborate on information and knowledge when we’ll as best able outline the nature of both state space and information space.

Genesis, “Let there be light.” Light, from dust. The c.2.70 K cosmological background radiation. How surprising that practically no one notices its energies per unit time exceed that of all stars and other luminosities in the visible universe. How simple to derive it as traffic-waves in the chaotic æther.

Note. Observable, simple, without any of the myriad of impossibilities tormenting “big bang dogma,” where the universe appears out of nowhere as an infinitely dense mass expanding much faster than light’s velocity.

Ultimate Unknowable Consistency. The simple diagram above describes our material world, which is but a part of a greater reality—- I call God.

The most determined materialist, if he has at least a modicum of background in the natural sciences and physics, knows perfectly well that: No complete description can be self-consistent and that no self-consistent description can be complete. Rather than trying to pretend completeness, I do my best to be consistent, and with this emphasize to my students that underlying the material universe there is an ultimate consistency which no human, other intelligence, with or without any combination of computers, anything in and of the substance of our material universe, can even imagine an ultimate substance.

It is a physical fact, which is demonstrated by both Gödel’s Proof and the Information Existence Theorem. Ref.: Enzmann ed. Conf. on Planetology & Space Mission Planning, N.Y. Academy of Sciences.

Mathematician: Hey, infinite regression’s impossible according to St. Thomas or if you protest, see Information Existence Theorem, Shannon’s Theorem, and even Classical Thermodynamics.

It’s most important that this be realized by that group of agnostic physicists who are all aware that: Complete descriptions are self-inconsistent, and that self-consistent description is incomplete.

As I like to say to mathematically inclined atheists: I’m not intelligent enough to be an atheist. Which is no compliment, as it implies: I lack the ability to transcend both Gödel’s Proof and the Information Existence Theorem.

The Christian has it on faith and is that not a compliment on his good judgment as indicated by our mathematically inclined discussion indicating faith-is-more-fundamental-than-logic.

The Ultimate Forever Unknowable Consistency is a fact beautifully revealed in scripture is told about to those who will read and study. It’s a fact strengthening faith. It’s fundamental to all things, creatures, and the reality of evil and good as absolutes, rather than relativism of all and any contention, circumstance, opportunity, and misfortune.

The ultimate unknowable’s the stuff of enchantment that poets and romantic writers weave into wonderworks. The ultimate unknowable is also the stuff of enchantment for physicists, mathematicians, and cosmologists who realize it.

There was the door to which I found no key; there was the Veil through which I might not see.

A wild, weird cline that lieth sublime Out of Space Out of Time

Cosmology beginning with Stars. Lagoons-of-light in space’s dark aetheric sea. Stars- graced with vivid flares, glowing corona, veils- the zodiacal lights, and ghostly gegenschein. Stately planetary retinues, the myriad of asteroids and comets. do remind one of scripture, of the Lord’s ‘Many Mansions.”

Genesis, All Things & Lives most fundamentally are unknowably conceived

Life Cycles emerge from Dust. Of inanimate entities in the morphological orders, conception, birth, childhood, youth, maturity, old age, [rejuvenations] death, dissolution, reconfiguration, back to chaos.

Begin with equipartitioning and traffic waves

Chaos Convolves incoherence into Coherences with Life Cycles, that must always Devolve back-into-Chaos. Back to dust, where e = hv(1-d/D)

All structures, all living things, all coherences have life cycles as a dynamic steady-state structure. Its extent in xyz space is both unknown and unknowable.

Its extent in time has no knowable beginning or end.

There is only one force, reaction, which is variously expressed

Nature contains no impossibilities [singularities]. Mathematics does.

Omitting observables creates ambiguity

Including coherences that don’t exist creates singularities [impossibilities]

Complete descriptions are self-inconsistent

Consistent descriptions are incomplete

No description of the universe by an entity of the universe’s substance can be complete

Let there be Light is based on a visible 2.7-degree Kelvin Background Cosmological Radiation.

Beginning with light all things are convoluted from this gentler source rather than from a Big Bang. Big Bang cosmology begins with an infinitely dense, infinitely small universe emerging from nowhere. Everything in this singularity (a euphemism for a declaration that: mathematically such a situation’s impossible.) Big Bang cosmologists expand space, which they claim has no properties at all as it’s nothing, in order that the expansion won’t really be motion. The Earth is at the center of the alleged explosion. Invisible mass, invisible energy, invisible particles, invisible dimensions, invisible parallel universes, and other invisible ‘whatevers’ are necessary to correct bad mathematics.

From Dust to Dust, and World Without End describe a Steady State Universe. The Big Bang immerses end in a combination of thermodynamic heat death and eternal expansion into nothingness.

Doc E insisted it is time for religion and science to hold hands. They do not, he said, conflict where it matters.