Michelle Snyder, Founder, Vice President, Editor in Chief

The world has survived another global crisis. Not without loss and grief, but also with hope. Our prayers and support go out to all those badly affected by the pandemic, whether it is loss of life or loss of business, work, or health.

FREA was and is blessed. Our space here allowed us to continue on, albeit with less help. Nevertheless, repairs were done, landscaping happened, and publishing continued. We are thankful for these blessings. We welcome the time when all those we work with can once again join us here at the Archive.

Our publishing efforts will be increased now that Kim Beales, our secretary, is able to return to work. We are happy to announce that Jay R. Snyder has agreed to be our astronomy and geometry research editor, and we are excited to include his first article Enzmann Starship Maps in this issue.

We invite everyone to visit our Enzmann Starship Facebook page, give us a like and follow. We look forward to your questions and comments there.

While the Earth stood still during the pandemic, FREA forged ahead towards our goal to release our biggest accomplishment: launching our brand-new, shiny website! It is striking yet simple to use. Please visit and join today!

New FREA Publications!

Recently, researchers of the Enzmann Archives discovered hundreds of science-fiction stories never before published. The Enzmann Chronicles, Science Fiction is our newest project, published once a month online and each monthly issue is also available in print. One of the most exciting publishing events, this new monthly series of gripping drama and adventures are the stories Doc E tells that all take place in the Enzmann Universe.

Members now have online access to the Enzmann Archive through every issue of our printed research quarterly, ENDEAVOR, and now Enzmann Chronicles, Science Fiction by Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann.

This exciting magazine is modeled after the IF, Astounding Science Fiction, Fantasy and Science Fiction, and Analog magazines of days gone by. It contains Enzmann RealScience Fiction – both serial and shorter stories by Doc E – also with pre-NASA Technology, trivia from the Enzmann Archive, a glimpse at Doc E’s personal sci-fi collection, MyFi stories, and all recently uncovered Sci-fi manuscripts from the Enzmann Archive.

We are excited about this new addition to our publications; Doc E wrote these stories as an interface to the technology he knew was valid, to provide a glimpse into what life on starships would be like. What if the Interstellar Space Age had been allowed to continue in 1962 along with NASA, and what if space technology had progressed at the same rate that communications and military technology did? What if it manifested according to Goddard’s Grand Design? Likely, we would have space stations, mining outposts and ports around Jupiter and Mars today. Businesses on asteroids, colonies on other planets, and fleets of starships out there, like Clipper Ships coming and going.

These are all things that the space age geniuses like Doc E, Dan Cole, Ulam, Bussard, and von Braun knew they could do. It was possible, but not allowed to happen. Nuclear propulsion research was ruled too dangerous in the 1962 Nuclear Proliferation Treaty, which was also interpreted by the USA to include use of nuclear propulsion on or anywhere near the Earth. This idea looks like it was a century before its time.

So, what if? This is the universe in which the engineering advances of the last 100 years, journaled in ENDEAVOR, are set in motion in the Enzmann Chronicles. The stories could have taken place in real-time. Great reading for those who love Sci-Fi and starships.

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