ENDEAVOR is our flagship publication. Within it, we provide information about Dr. and Mrs. Enzmann for anyone who wants to learn more about these two extraordinary individuals. From our first issue in 2019 to our most recent issue, ENDEAVOR provides articles, research, and original writing to help you understand the near-century of important work Dr. and Mrs. Enzmann contributed to the fields of aerospace, mathematics, linguistics, cosmology, history, and more.

Enzmann Chronicles

The Enzmann Chronicles is a series that presents the unique sci-fi stories of Robert Duncan-Enzmann. These publications also contain information about Dr. Enzmann’s contributions to space-age technology, and the Enzmann Universe reflects his knowledge of what is possible. If you are tired of technological magic in your sci-fi or endless remakes of the same old stuff, the Enzmann Chronicles are the perfect solution.


The Enzmann Archive includes a large selection of nonfiction work. Dr. and Joanna Enzmann’s research on topics like interstellar travel, engineering, mathematics, linguistics, history, and more. These subjects are compiled and published in ENDEAVOR, FREA’s quarterly journal. FREA’s latest nonfiction book The Enzmann Echolance – Reach for the Stars introduces Dr. Enzmann’s most elegant starship design, the Echolance. Our nonfiction also includes books by The Symbologist, Michelle Snyder. Her symbology publications are the perfect destination for anyone who loves exploring the use or study of symbols.


Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann’s life was unusual. His father’s life was unusual. The stories of their lives are told in manuscripts in the Archive – some are now published. These Memoirs are as unusual as the lives they are about – serious, humorous, and informative, but always rich with history and insight into our world. Find out what made the Enzmanns so unique!

Sci-Fi and My-Fi

Are you tired of techno-magic in your science fiction? Want something besides rewrites of the same old? Now is your chance to discover the Enzmann Universe, a world of starships and adventure built from the vision of a man who worked in the field of space exploration and technology for decades. What if the last moon shot was not the end, but the beginning? What would a starship reality be like today? Discover that what-if in the Enzmann Universe – original Sci-Fi stories by Robert Duncan Enzmann in once-upon-a-time-to-be. Discover his first full-length sci-fi novel, Verity’s Dragon. If you like mythological style fiction, My-Fi stories by Michelle Paula Snyder will transport you to extraordinary once-upon-a-time adventures.  

A Brief History of Dr. Enzmann’s Career