Excerpt from Observations Conflicting with Theory

Robert Duncan-Enzmann

Reaction, Gravity & Action – Intergalactic Tapestry Convolution including conception, birth, infancy, youth.

Gravity – Intergalactic Fabric shows compression and tension as: hexagonal and pentagonal patterns.

Reaction – Traffic Waves Originate in Great Voids. “The Vacuum abhors nature”. – RDE

Reaction – Background Radiation forms from Traffic Waves

-2 through – 4th  Orders – Background Cosmological Radiation. Background Radiation Convolution.

Great Voids most powerfully operate about Giant Elliptical Galaxies at the intersections of Filaments.

-4th  Order  The Milky Way.

Reaction – Hydrogen forms from Background Radiation

Reaction & Gravity – Hexagonal Pressure Patterns

Gravity – Gravitational Impulsion and acceleration are not ambiguous.

“In any volume in which a measurement can be made; it can be demonstrated that gravitational impulsion and acceleration against the inertial continuum are not ambiguous.” – RDE

The so-called “Theory of Relativity” is founded upon the statement that: acceleration by gravity and acceleration against the inertial continuum are ambiguous. In other words, no measurement can discover a difference between the two. This is absurd – and this is fully realized by the ‘relativists,’ so such phrases as strong relativity arise in which the Strong Relativist adamantly contends that no observable differences exist.

It should be pointed out that around 2004 AD scanning electron microscopes were used with molecular levers and that these could be used to discover whether an observer of molecular size is in a gravitational field or accelerating relative to the universe.

Note: however, there are many other ways of molecular, atomic, and subatomic extents to demonstrate the difference between gravitational acceleration and acceleration against the inertial continuum.

Is Earth at the Center of the Big Bang?

Geocentric Expansion

It must be admitted that in all directions the centroid of galaxies viewed from the Earth and Milky Way show an average Doppler shift which is a function of   e – hv(k1-d/D). If the universe is expanding the Milky Way and Earth must be at the center of this expansion – the center of the primordial fireball.

The Signac and Laser Gyroscopes demonstrate absolute motions.

Newton’s Bucket, Sagna’s optical gyroscope and today’s laser gyroscopes, widely used in aircraft and other vehicles, all raised annoying questions concerning Relativity theory, in which it’s impossible to measure absolute motion relative to the Inertial Continuum (as the theory says absolute motion doesn’t exist).

Note: In the case of linear motion, the clock [impossibility] transliterated as “paradox” can be ignored. In the case of these functioning gyroscopes, the imagined measurement of motion is easily transformed out of existence – as relativists have explained to me: “by rotating the universe about the gyroscope. This can be done in several directions on three orthogonal planes at the same time, as the rotations are imaginary !!!!!”

Acceleration and gravity are not ambiguous. In any volume where measurement is possible, it’s always possible to devise measurements demonstrating the difference between gravitational acceleration and acceleration against the inertial continuum.

Totally fundamental to relativity is equivalence, meaning gravity and acceleration are ambiguous.


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