Excerpt from Pillars: Yggdrasil

Robert Duncan-Enzmann

This is an excerpt from a manuscript called Pillars – referring to the pillars of prehistory which were used to site stars and tell time. Included in this extraordinary work are not just dates, geological events, astronomical events, and human events, but the foundations of cosmology, mythology, oral tradition, and the origin of symbols.

Some entries in his work are written as sentences, paragraphs, etc., and some are entries as notes or thoughts, references, or even just lists.

  1. 60,000 BC

Eternal Logos

We (Doc E) suggest concepts of Logos likely existed much earlier. The Logos being that: while all things animate and inanimate have life cycles that go-to, that end-in dust, there is an unknowable something – a wonderous presence, a perfect, complete, consistent force that somehow, from dust, of dust, of clay, of chaos, creates all that is.

Ref.: Jesus Christ Sun of God. David Fiedler. 1993. Ancient cosmology Early Christian Symbolism, Quest Books, Il.

  1. 10,000 BC

Eternal Light, Let there be Light

This discussion is placed in the Allerød (10,000 – 8500 BC) from which we have the earliest currently known evidence of life cycles carved on ivory or bone. Four pillars of what relate to both current 2000 AD cosmology and current religious faith are ventured as:

1- Reaction convolutes Light from Chaos, then finally all things undergo devolution back into chaos.

2 – An underlying consistency that no man or any combination of material intelligence can ever understand or even describe.

3 – Background c.3o K radiation substance into a cascade of orders in which each entity has a life cycle.

4 – All things and energies are conceived, have life cycles, and finally perish, evolving from dust-to-dust.

  1. 9200 BC

Eternal Chaos and Cronos

Convoluted by reaction of timeless chaos, largely within the timeless chaos, epitomized by the great voids between the visible universe’s galactic tapestry.

Chronos, born of chaos, is eventually engulfed by timeless chaos to be born again and again. The cycle has no knowable beginning and no knowable end. Chronos represents time, which can only exist insofar as it can or ever will be knowable to intelligence of the universe’s substance where sequences of events can be realized and recorded.

  1. 9200 BC

Eternal Life Cycles as the Yggdrasil during the Allerød Warm Interval

From this time is a brilliantly conformed calendric and at the same time a Markovian State Space Diagram showing:

1 – Annually/seasonally winter solstice human births and food storage, cold-moon weaving by 3 Norns, spring wind-spin wool-gathering and salmon fishing, fall equinox hunting.

2 – The Yggdrasil tree governing life cycles: Conception, birth, youth, maturity, old age, death, dissolution, transfiguration then rebirth.

3 – The maggots representing transition have become a great serpent Nidd Hogg. (It makes for a better fireside story having him gnaw at the roots of the Yggdrasil, for even trees die.)

4 – Rebirth is a treasured child; imagine the work involved in keeping children safe and healthy during an ice age when minutes of iron frost, or moments of hungry beasts, can kill.

The Symbologist, in her book Hidden in Plain Sight, says: “Animals need trees: birds and squirrels live in them, animals climb into them for rest and safety, and many repose under their branches for shade and shelter. Humans build shelters from trees. Animals often eat in the shelter or shade of trees, leaving what they do not want to “melt” slowly into the ground. Sometimes animals die under trees, their remains also melting into the ground, sending nourishment up through the roots. Thus nourished, the trees grow and bloom, again providing shelter and food. The ancients realized this cycle – death providing food for the tree, which in turn thrives and provides food for life – and a symbol was born.  

Yggdrasil, or the Cosmic Tree, later the World Tree or Tree of Life, represents the link between Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld, uniting Above and Below. The trunk of the tree, or Axis Mundi, symbolizes the path between the material and spiritual realms, a sort of lifeline. The children’s poem Rock-a-bye Baby comes from this mythology – the baby is suspended from the branches of the tree, between Heaven and Earth in the path of nourishment, to be blessed and protected. This practice, hanging the baby from tree branches, developed while the parents worked in the field and tended herds of pigs which would attack a baby. The precious babies, hanging from a branch, were safe from animals while the adults were busy.

Life is a miraculous phenomenon. As much as we know today about our bodies, our planet, and the universe, we cannot explain any of it. We can observe, and describe cause and effect, but we cannot explain. Symbols have been used for millennia to depict the unexplainable.”

The image of Yggdrasil below is from the Allerød, 9000 BC, and is translated by Dr. Enzmann.


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