Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann

For more than 80 years Doc E has researched and written about space. His pre-Nasa technology was extraordinary and opened up many doors to the reality of space exploration and colonization. He worked Goddard’s Grand Design with von Braun and Goddard to make those things a reality. Doc E wrote dramatic scifi stories about what life would be like on a starship, or in a world where starships came and went and colonies were out there, where those of humanity, but not terrestrial, had the first star-born children. He knew the likes of Pohl, Campbell, and Hubbard, and later Heinlein, Asimov, and Sagan. Doc E writes Real-Science Fiction from the days of magazines like IF, Analog, Weird Science Fiction, and others. The Universe he describes is based in real science; the space age tech he knew worked and tech he knew it was possible.

Painting by Don Davis

When humans interface with interstellar technology, what will life be like on a starship? What disaster could happen and what will we do to fix it? What will we find? Who will we find? These are questions he’s answered as he spins a tale of “once-upon-a-time-to-be,” in a universe much like the one we are in – well, it is the one we are in. Who might be travelling in the Enzmann Universe, what are their occupations and families like, and how do they deal with life on a starship or even another planet?

The setting in which these stories take place is a consideration of ‘what if?’ What if the space-age did not disappear after Apollo 17? What if space technology grew as fast as military and communication technology has? What if Goddard’s Grand Design was manifested as planned? What if, today in 2020, there were starships, colonies, outposts, businesses on asteroids, and starship city-states as they had designed to happen? Would there be wars? Would there be alliances? Trade? Crime? Discoveries on other worlds?

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Enzmann Starship