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Michelle Snyder, Founder, VP, Editor 

FREA has invested in branding, both verbal and visual. Our new logo is excellent, and we look forward to our new website being built as this ENDEAVOR is being published. In support of the effort to market FREA and grow, we welcome Jay R. Snyder to the position of Executive Production Director. Jay brings decades of experience in event and performance production, TV, radio, and theatrical performance and direction. His talent will be beneficial to FREA’s publicity. He will create the video media FREA needs to use for promotion. 

As time passes, change happens. It is inevitable. Our Archivist, Kimberly Beales has left us after completing several complex Enzmann research projects. We welcome Ron Haley to our Board of Directors. Ron has experience in analytics and marketing, and we welcome his expertise to our team.

We are excited to see the changes that shape FREA; our property is being groomed as we have hired a tree company to come and clear the view, our building now houses a video production studio, and spring is decorating our beautiful land with her blooms. 

Researching the contents of the archive is ongoing. On a daily basis, we find surprises that reveal the impact Doc E had on this world. ENDEAVOR is our way of sharing some of those with you. Our website will become an important portal into the world of the Enzmann Archive as well. 

FREA’s verbal branding took many conversations and many words to decide on, but we are pleased. Here is what we have so far:  

FREA’s mission is to preserve, catalog, publish, and make Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann’s Archive of research into space exploration, literature, and humanities available and accessible to everyone.

FREA’s vision is to invite the world into the Enzmann Universe. We will create physical and virtual experiences from The Enzmann Archive that will inspire future generations to explore, protect, and improve the known and unknown worlds around them. 

FREA’s Values

A truly untapped archive in the field of space exploration, technology, and the humanities. Not fantasy, but valuable peer-reviewed science that has been lost to time.

Based on his work in engineering, Doc E’s science-fiction stories cannot be found or produced anywhere else.

Small but mighty, our constituents will become a part of our valuable journey. 

FREA provides access to something completely new and different in the field of space exploration and technology.

Truth – FREA believes in the validity of Doc E’s work. 

Curiosity – At their core, Dr. and Mrs. Enzmann were explorers, seekers, and believers in what could be. Our foundation is committed to cultivating that spirit.

Generosity – The Enzmann Archive and the work held within it do not belong to us. They belong to the world.

Commitment – FREA’s charter and our passion has been tasked with preserving and sharing the collected works of two important yet overlooked intellectuals of their time.

Gratitude – FREA is fortunate to have found and been granted access to this fascinating and diverse archive. Our energy is palpable.

FREA’s Unique Brand Attributes

A truly untapped Archive in the field of space exploration, technology, and the humanities. Not fantasy, but viable peer-reviewed science that has been lost to time.

Small but mighty, our constituents become a part of FREA’s journey with access to something completely new and different in the field of space exploration and technology.

FREA’s Brand Character

Passionate – FREA’s passion is real and authentic. You will see it in our writing and feel it when you speak and meet with us.

Accountable – FREA is not a group of 100 nameless, faceless people doing the research. We are few, and we are mighty. We are here to help bring our donors and supporters into the Enzmann Universe.

Committed – FREA’s editors and publishers literally live and work amongst the Enzmann Archive. This is what we do, and this is who we are.

Curious – There is joy and beauty in what could be, not just what is.

FREA’s Brand Behavior

Engaging – FREA is all about dialogue, learning, and exploration.

Open – Some people might not understand this work or want to question our research, but that’s ok. FREA can substantiate and describe.

Rational – Divisive conspiracy theorists and “tin foil hats” need not apply.

Inspirational – What we have to offer is not just academic. The stories and the research they come from will open the eyes and the souls of those that engage with us.

FREA’s Value Proposition

The collected works of Dr. and Mrs. Enzmann represent important insight into our past and a scientifically proven vision for our future in space. The Enzmann Archive truly brings you from the stone age to the space age. FREA is committed to the exploration of the Enzmann Archive so that future generations can benefit from their life’s work. 

FREA’s Brand Voice

Optimistic – FREA is hopeful, passionate, and enthusiastic – not cynical or jaded.

Respectful – FREA understands that in the beginning, some people may not believe the Enzmann’s accomplishments as readily as we do. However, we believe they will be inspired to come around at their own pace.

Grounded: While there is an element of whimsy and storytelling in our publishing and the Archive, we are always grounded in his work.

Grateful – We are fortunate to be entrusted with the Archive and are glad we can share it.

Plainspoken – There is a great deal of complexity to the science, but we will make it relatable. For those that want to go deeper, they can. 

Informed – Everything we do or say is supported by Doc E’s work, data, and life experiences.

FREA’s Brand Tone

Whimsical – There are elements of mystery and the unknown in the Enzmann Archive.

Confident – The Enzmann Archive is something special and unique, and we are proud of it.

Provocative – Selectively and with justification, FREA is able and willing to ask why or what if – not pointing fingers but raising questions that demand answers.

Passionate – FREA has unwavering belief in and enthusiasm for the Enzmann Archive and the promise it holds.

Sincere – FREA takes its mission seriously. The efforts to get the eyes of the world on this archive is a genuine pursuit.

Curious – FREA answers questions with research that questions the status quo with valuable discussion and discourse.

FREA’s Mission about Dr. and Mrs. Enzmann

FREA will publish the Enzmann Archive, including the history of Dr. and Mrs. Enzmann. It will have more than just their professional and academic achievements. It will tell their biographical story, what drove them to develop this prolific body of work, and what they hoped to achieve. It will reveal how they hoped it would make this world and the worlds we discover safer and better. It will help others understand who the Enzmanns were, what they did, and why they did it.

With such diverse content, we must tell the story of how and why it is all interconnected.

We will build the perceived value of the Enzmann Archive and what it will mean for current and future societies. This will help others understand the critical need for support so we can continue uncovering its many secrets.

The Enzmann Archive

The Enzmann Archive is a shining star and the reason for the foundation. It drives everything we do.

There have been very few people on Earth, as well as very few people today, who could match the intellect of Dr. and Mrs. Enzmann. The Enzmann Archive is the physical representation of this intellect, and its preservation is critical.

The Enzmann Archive is not your typical archive full of a never-ending series of explorations into a single topic or area of research. It is an all-encompassing study of our physical world, including language, history, cosmology, medicine, chemistry, mathematics, physics, ecology, and astronomy – to name a few.

Doc E’s work is extraordinary. He took the study of geology and applied it to his work in space exploration. This led to his expertise in radar and missile defense.

Doc E’s vision for space exploration went far beyond sending rockets to the Moon or Mars to see what is there.

Doc E’s vision and science were focused on creating sustainable environments on worlds beyond Earth. His science is not fantasy or science-fiction.

ENDEAVOR is a quarterly publication that shares new discoveries and updates from the Archive.

ENDEAVOR is as unique as the Enzmann Archive. It reflects what the FREA research team has uncovered in the previous quarter. Each quarter offers something for everyone: recently unearthed research into history and cosmology, space mission planning, starship documentation and illustrations, and stories from Doc E. 

ENDEAVOR is ultimately the source material for an epic series of nonfiction books FREA intends to publish on each of Doc E’s fields of exploration.

The Enzmann Starship

Doc E’s Pre-NASA starship engineering and technology was considered some of the most important of the burgeoning space age, but over time, it was defunded and forgotten.

His systems engineering and technical work from the 40s and 50s is extraordinary and lead us to explore the Solar System.

His design from the 50s for the Enzmann Starship should be in consideration today for production.

Doc E chaired three Planetology and Space Mission Planning conferences, produced and published by the New York Academy of Sciences in 1966, 1969, and 1972. He consulted and assisted in organizing a 1972 conference on a cruise ship to witness the last Moon shot of Apollo 17. The conference hosted notable physicists and engineers from around the globe. It was attended by authors Sagan, Heinlein, Asimov, and Norman Mailer.

Scientists and engineers worldwide respected Doc E and his research into making the Grand Design a reality – building redundant habitats in space for human colonization.

REAL Science Fiction – The Enzmann Universe

Doc E found storytelling a useful way to describe complex systems and make them understandable in the human experience. His historical work is the backstory of all his science fiction stories.

Doc E’s version of sci-fi is not fantasy but rather a visualization of what his science could help us achieve. He wanted to express what life in a starship culture would be, based on his engineering, physics, and work in the military/radar/missile defense and starship industries. These stories populate The Enzmann Chronicles.

ALTHEA is our guide and central character in the Enzmann Universe. She is AI, not a dramatized AI with bad or evil intent, but alive.

The Enzmann Universe is sci-fi without the trappings of telekinesis, psychodrama, philosophy, and warped technology.

These are stories of what could be – everything in the stories is plausible, based on Doc E’s work and his understanding of Humanities.

Doc E’s research delves deep into the history of language and human development, ultimately supporting his work in starship technology and space exploration.

Doc E’s research of human development on Earth directly applies to human development in space – the ultimate human endeavor.

Doc E’s work includes exploration of language, medicine, ecology, and history, to name a few. The Enzmann Archive includes research of human intelligence, cosmology, global timelines, history, and manuscripts of historical nonfiction.

We are excited to promote FREA with our new verbal and visual brand and watch FREA grow as it reaches our waiting fans, friends, readers, and members. We look forward to working with new volunteers and researchers, sharing the insights and knowledge that the Enzmann Archive releases to those who seek. 

One of the treasures in the Enzmann Archive is the untold story of a conference cruise in 1972. 


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