Blair March

In his writing, Dr. Robert Enzmann says there is one ultimate substance from which everything is formed – a perfect, complete, consistent substance. This is an interesting concept. St. Thomas Aquinas states that there is no such thing as infinite regression. This means that at some point, there is a foundation. An Ultimate Substance. A Source. We call this ultimate substance God.

We think of God as a being like us. We are told that God is omnipresent or all around us. If, as Dr. Enzmann states, God is the ultimate material that everything comes from, it would result in God being a part of everything that is in the world. That would make God in us and around us. When we connect to God, we connect to the world through the ultimate substance that is all around us.

Perhaps this also explains a lot of other experiences common to humanity. An inspiration to do something out of the blue that turns out to be a pleasant surprise. The same great idea being conceived by unrelated persons at different times. Empathy for a country on the other side of the planet that is suffering a major disaster. Could it be that this ultimate substance also has a part in the effectiveness of prayer?

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