You were born in China in a town without electricity and yet have made major contributions to the space and defense industries. What is your impression of the growth of technology over that time?

Dr. Enzmann: I have experienced horse and buggy, millstone-ground grain, the great Siberian Railway trains, steamers, airplanes, microwave ovens, and missile defense. The next step is interstellar travel on the Echo Lance and Torch ships of my design.

You are a decorated veteran, where did you serve?

Dr. Enzmann: Atlantic, Europe, Pacific, and Asia. I volunteered to serve in the US Army and was on loan to the British Royal Navy. I was shot down and missing in action for several months.

What can you tell us about your work with radar and missile defense?

Dr. Enzmann: Best schools I ever attended were in the US Navy where I began electrical engineering from nothing. I invented the Sparse Matrix count-down system used on all launched vehicles globally (APChE -Automatic Programmed Checkout Equipment, ENDEAVOR Spring, 2019)

When did you first become fascinated with space exploration and why?

Dr. Enzmann: I am both an escapist and an explorer. I was introduced to and studied rocket fuel at the age of five. As an adult I worked with von Braun and his team to manifest the Grand Design.

What was the Grand Design?

Dr. Enzmann: That mankind goes to the stars. This will be akin to the fish migrating to live on land and evolving therefrom.

You are a world-renown geologist. Are geologists important to the exploration and colonization of space?

Dr. Enzmann: There is a lot of geology out there, and a lot of questions. Where are there valuable resources? What is the composition of other places? Will other places synchronize with galactic events and with Earth?

If you could go on a starship today, would you go?

Dr. Enzmann: Perhaps, depending on the ship and the fellow travelers.

Dr. Enzmann has traveled to every continent and has multiple citizenships. His geological work provides much needed information for education and to those in the planetology and space mission planning industry. His perspective on our globe is unique and valuable.

Space is not the only interest Dr. Enzmann has. He has compiled an extraordinary archive of history, combining timelines that range from astronomy to wars to pottery into one resource. Part of the Enzmann Chronology is featured in each ENDEAVOR.


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