Global Warming

Dr. Enzmann

The Global Warming Dogma is essentially based on graphs showing Northern Hemisphere temperatures during the last little ice age as normal. There have been four major glaciations: Dryas I,  Dryas II,  Dryas III, and the Cochran since the last  Wisconsin IV (N. America)  Würm IV (Europe) Great ice Age of c. 16,000 BC. Following the four large glacial readvances there have been five little ice ages.

Climatological deterioration during the 5th and last little ice age continues into the 1800s; for humanity it was catastrophic.  With millions starving to death in Europe, tens of millions dying of starvation in Asia,  life expectancy is reduced globally, an increase in diseases in spite of medical advances,  miserable winters springs, and falls punctuated by uncomfortable summers – representing temperatures during the last little ice age 1600s & 1700s to 1860  as “normal”  is calculated dishonesty.

Above Ref.: 1824. Jean Baptiste Fourier  discovers the role of CO2, carbon dioxide, in keeping the Earth’s atmosphere warmer than would be expected from net solar radiation and albedo.

Above Ref.: 20 Dec. 2008. “Science News”. Ron Cowen from & Ref Charbonneau of ESA.  This is one of the most revealing yet wonderfully-simple diagrams of the role carbon dioxide plays in the Earth’s atmosphere. Were it not for carbon dioxide with other greenhouse gases this planet would be uninhabitable. It would be a planet of rock covered with ice.

Note:  There’s currently very serious talk of spending trillions of dollars on a century-long project supported by all humanity which would place some million tons of reflecting material in Earth Orbit to reflect sunlight and cool the earth. At the same time a great effort would be exerted to reduce the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide content – yes,  and additionally to reduce methane production by cattle – yes, in congress bills are considered which will require dairies with over 15 milk cows to meet government requirements on bovine rates of flatulence. There’s even been talk of government controls on diets to control human flatulence.

Note: Here I’ll mention a system I proposed for an appropriate source of government funding. It’s a method of ridding the Earth of space debris which has already cost billions with the damage it’s caused, and menaces ever more expensive damages and lives.

We have today ground-operated lasers which, directed by ground-operated radars, could with reasonable ease and cost reduce the ever-larger cloud of earth-orbiting debris to dust that would rapidly fall into the atmosphere. The proposal was well-liked until those with a mindset violently opposed to any form of missile defense joined by self-anointed “ecologists” heard of it.  All moves in that direction seem to have come to an abrupt halt. Much of the rationale is based on the concept that if America demonstrates to the World that it has no defense against intercontinental missiles, we will be trusted and the world will be inclined to disarm—or at least not enter an arms race.

Note: So much for the old saw:  “Free as the air.”  Taxing the atmosphere is brilliant, certainly meriting a Nobel Prize. Now, if only a way can be contrived to tax usage of the Earth’s gravitational field. 

Carbon Dioxide Utility.  c. 30% of natural gas is carbon dioxide. Since 1980- before the global warming panic – Exxon has been recovering carbon dioxide, liquifying it, and piping the liquid selling it to oil producers who use it to repressurize old low-pressure oil reservoirs. It’s estimated that such repressurization will recover about 220 billion barrels of oil which would supply all of America’s needs for about 30 years.

Ref: 26 Dec. 2008. Wall St. Journal. Russell Gold.

It would be better for Earth and humanity to concentrate on real problems than make up ones that don’t exist and therefore cannot be solved.