A Shovel Full of Sand

While investigating the endless material in the Enzmann Archive is truly an enlightening experience, conversations with him continue to produce new material. For example, A Shovel Full of Sand. Brief, but interesting. Here is what I wrote down while he taught me in the year 2020.
Off-center grinders produce perfect spheres. This has been known for millennia. Use them to create perfect spheres of quartz sand. Perfect spheres of quartz sand can produce immense energy – truly immense. But how to release it?
“That’s easy,” he says. It is his favorite expression. Most things for him are easy. Here is how:

Enzmann Mirror focuses a laser to explode the sand spheres creates fusion. A regular mirror will not do. Lasers shatter mirrors. Enzmann Mirror is an invention by Doc E. One mirror expands the laser beam while a second mirror focuses it to fusion temperatures. When focused onto a perfect sphere of quartz sand, an unbelievable amount of energy is released.

A shovel full of sand can power a starship for centuries.

So here, in a ten-minute conversation, Dr. Enzmann has yet another solution to propulsion in space, an alternative to the very limiting chemical propulsion so popular today. Chemical rockets will never reach deep space. Well, unless you are one of those who seem to think the Moon is in deep space. It is not.