Enzmann Torch Class Starships

Edwin L. Pangman

It’s all about us.

Edwin L. Pangman, Project Engineer

The Enzmann Torch Class starships will be about a half-mile long and will be a hybrid, using a mixture of fission and fusion to generate the power needed to employ a multiple magnetic bottle/mirror system that will run the length of the ship.

These magnetic bottles/mirrors will house or contain the reactive energetic plasma that provides energy and reaction mass for the ship. Each magnetic bottle/mirror system will have a controllable leak at the aft end of the ship to provide thrust. Looking like a torch, with a plume of glowing plasma emitted from the stern of the ship, it is thus called a Torch Ship.

Like the Enzmann Nuclear Pulse Class starship of an earlier design, this starship will be run as a City State; there will be a government on board as any ship does in Maritime circumstances.

Ships company and passengers will be separate. The on-board economy will be similar. This ship can carry up to 10,000 people and there will be machine shops, workshops, malls, garden decks, farms, and apartments.

The main cylindrical portion of the ship is about three hundred feet in diameter. The sphere containing the cryogenic hydrogen snow/fuel will be about seven-hundred-fifty feet in diameter. This ship could be generational; it has the ability to refuel in space and reach star systems much farther away from earth.

Torch-Class Starships equipped with Gyrane Deceleration will be able to attain speeds relative to the solar system well over 98% of the speed of light and will be able to decelerate at their destinations by use of a Gyrane.