Glossary of Enzmann Terms


-1- of  Stellar Images

-2- Newton,  Doppler,   Voigt,   D. E. derivation

-3-  Star Bows

-4- Lepton

ANP [Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion] used four ways

-1-  All commercial passenger and cargo aircraft operating in Earth’s Atmosphere

-2-  Airports to near-Earth orbit  shipyards, hotels,  factories, and shipyards

-3-   Earth-Moon  L-4 Quarantined Trojan Station- for returning starships

Earth-Moon  L-5 Trojan Station from which starships depart the Solar System

-4-   ANP passenger-cargo ships can shuttle throughout the Solar and other stellar systems

Auxiliary Craft –  manned interstellar craft carry auxiliary craft

-1-    Echolances carry manned:  ANPs,   shuttles,  fuel refineries, refuelers, Downy Darts unmanned: precursor fire-fly explorers, fly-by explorers,  precursor orbital-explorers,  spot landers, surface rovers,  atmospheric flyers,  ice-borer landers, zoos, and sterile zoos

-2     Torch Ships  carry much the same types but most of their auxiliaries are ANPs

-3-    Mini-Lances carry ANPs, Darts,  Shuttles,  Refuelers, and Refineries

-4-     Manned Chain-Out Ships carry mini-ANP-shuttles and  fire-fly explorers

Cooling [habitat, thermoelectric and always powered by SNAP reactors

-1    Next to air leakage cooling is a major problem in starships.   For example, the metabolic heat of a guinea pig is sufficient, so that in an hour he could boil and cook himself. In order that failure is next to impossible – cooling is thermoelectric as these devices have no moving parts.

-2-    Echolances and other manned ships are cooled through their multiple outer hulls number 27 or more surfaces.

-3-    Living quarters each airtight,  then further compartmented are individually cooled in case of emergency.

-4-    Gracile  Spacesuit vastly better insulated than today’s thermoelectrically cooled.

Cooling – Thermonuclear Turbines, Thermonuclear MHD Generators

Background Radiation – include  COHO results

-1- crude isotropic

-2- dipole shows Milky Way Rotation

-3-  Fluctuations

Background Particle Flux averages 1 proton or hydrogen atom per cubic centimeter in the Sun’s immediate volume of the Milky Way? Relate to level of problem for lifetime exposure

Bok Body – pre stellar condensation in GMC, differs from a GMC

Breathable Liquid –  first drains, then quickly both froths and concurrently evaporates when the person exits the liquid-filled space suit or capsule. Frothing with swift evaporation provides extra oxygen the user’s never breathless. It’s been done.

Bridge of an Echolance is the piloting, command, and control center structurally it’s a great transparent sphere variously 20 to 60 feet in diameter. There are several floors. Directly forward it’s protected by a Cone Shield.  The view is far superior to anything possible in an ocean liner or aircraft cockpit. In deep flight, it’s usually – but not always – covered with shields that envelop it like a roll-top desk.

On Echolances there are three subsidiary bridge units.

Bridge of a Torch Ship is a hemispheric dome atop the “snowball fuel tanks” at the bow of the ship. In flight, it’s usually shielded by clam-shell segments. There are three auxiliary “bridges” on each Torch Ship.

Brown Dwarf – Planetary Gas Giant

Café – shipboard private enterprise

“Chlorate” Capsule – Gracile Space Suit used in American submarines such as the Squalus. Lighted and burning it emits oxygen.

City State – unified, somewhat isolated, essentially self-sufficient  community

Civil Law –Codices, Roman Law,  Saxon Law, Maritime Law (rules of the road), International  Civil Aviation Traffic Control

Civil Law Aboard Starships: Is whatever pleases the ships’ companies.  Subservient to Maritime Law only as regards ships course,  integrity, the integrity of life support systems and supplies, rules of the road.

Conformal Antenna. Conform to the shape of the wearer’s spacesuit.  The wearer of the gracile suit is knowledgeable of but not aware of the many-banded antennae conforming to outside contours of his suit. Subsystem for sending and receiving electromagnetic signals from Gracile Spacesuit.

Crows-Nest of an Echolance starship is a transparent sphere of three floors situated in the nose cone above the main bridge.  It’s usually shielded during interstellar cruise mode.

Cubic Metal – Fe, Cr,  Ti,  etc. metallic elements necessary for constructing spacecraft in space. Note that hexagonal metals such as aluminum deteriorate rapidly.   A dismal and disastrous example from the Twentieth Century that caused many deaths;  was the use of aluminum wiring for houses. Cubic metals do undergo neutron poisoning, but are reasonably refined, cleaned, and re-rolled into structure.

Currency on Echolances – plastic-coated gold, platinum, and gemstone-set discs, supplemented by discoid small currency electronic counters.

Data-Link – interstellar communications subsystem for two-way electromagnetic signaling.

Downy – term from the 20th Century. Heat shields were first massive copper-alloy heat sinks, then honeycomb ceramics as in the Avco Apollo reentry shields,  then early shuttle tiles,  and finally white-colored downy blankets.

Flyer – planetary explorer that can fly.

Frame Crane – arms on the sides of starships with corridors inside that have a multitude of purposes such as connecting ships, grabbing ships, etc.

Galactic Arms: Sagittarius, Perseus

Galactic Central – Earth’s Solar System traffic control center,  Solar System Positioning Utility

Places Buoys – manages  Interstellar Planetary-Research Telescopes [gamma, x-ray, uv,  optical,  it, mm,  V,Q,K,X,C,S,L,P band,  VLF and ELF]. Manages Chain-Out System, provides public with information as does Weather bureau, Geological Survey. Traffic control in the Solar System, traffic control of returning and departing starships, aids to navigation (positioning in Solar System), buoys and lighthouses, chain out, quarantine  station at L-4, Departure Station at L-5, Interstellar  Relays, Refueling

Rescue Stations are essentially explorers but it costs little extra to place them. They also carry refuelers,  empty fuel storage tanks,  and rescue stations.  They are lonesome, forlorn stations, like those in Greenland and the Antarctic that occasionally save a life.

Nothing outside a starship either controls or guides it outside the solar system. Impossible. It just can’t be done.

Galactic Central Interstellar Traffic Control [branch of GC controlling all interstellar traffic]

You’re not quite “aboard” probes control nothing,  it’s impossible

Probes are explorers and not much else

GGPS – Galactic GPS [GC subsystem of spherically deployed probes  (only buoys lighthouses and such warnings of things relatively close-by to s traveling ship)  NoprovidingNO  (warnings of “reefs, rocks, shoals”) traffic control]

Galactic Year – about 250,000,000 Earth Years

Galactic Month  25 to 27 million years, Solar bobbing up-down through Milky Way’s Disc.

Galactic Sequence Quasar,  Seyfert,  Markarian,  Giant Elliptical,  Spiral or  Barred-Spiral line of descent;   Irregulars.

Galactic Week 6 to  7 million years, one-quarter of a cycle up/down through Galactic Disc

Is Galactic Day – arbitrary? 100,000 year Earth, Mars, etc orbital cycle may be coupled to the galactic gravitational field. [See Milankovitch Cycles]

Garden Deck – a deck wholly or partly used to cultivate plants


Bowen – Reaction Series

Lindgren – Hydrothermal Series

Johansen and Drescher Kaaden Petrology, Metamorphic Facies

Daly – Intrusive Rocks

Hans Cloos –  Granite (intrusive) tectonics

Umbgrove – Geosynclinal Sequences

Holmes – Granitization

R. Shrock – Sequences in Layered Rocks

Wegener – Plate Tectonics

Enzmann – Granitized Geosynclines,  Charnockites, Planetology

Alvarez – Terminal Cretaceous Impact

Glove Dock of a starship – built to snuggly accept a landing refueled or lander so that only a thimble full of air is lost. It fits like a glove.

Hydrogen of Galactic Atmosphere

Hydrothermal Series – Hypothermal, Mesothermal,  Epithermal, Telethermal [see Lindgren Geology]

Landfalls for habitation: asteroids,   moons like the Earths,   hot-dry, airless,  Mercury-like planets with Polar Caps;  Mars-like planets,   desert worlds with breathable atmospheres, worlds with very thick lithospheres (alkali worlds),   water worlds with hydrospheres covering most of the planet, frozen water worlds.

Landfalls for refueling and materials extraction:   Comets,   Asteroids, and all of the above with the qualification that none of the above are very good as sources of fuel- though not impossible.

Lawson Criteria – a graf in XYZ coordinates showing threshold for fusion and rates as a function of  -1 plasma density, -2- plasma temperature, -3-  time plasma is held at P  and T for energy output to significantly exceed energy input.

Lorentz [Waldemar Voigt] contraction. Not really, have you the gumption the stomach to solve – already published 40 years ago – a problem in F=dp/dt? The results are as astonishing as Bell’s Inequality and the Alain Aspect etc experiments. Oh my: reduction of time occurring in a reference frame that is moving relative to a fixed frame, as apparent to observers in the fixed frame

Metamorphic Facies – Spot-Scheifer, Greenschist,  Epidote-Amphibolite,  Amphibolite,  Granulite, Eclogite

Odin’s Eye – optically-black center of a Starbow radiating x-ray and gamma rays toward the starship. The eye’s black pupil is closely-ringed with violet then powder blue

Enzmann Order Theory – see Fairbridge Encyclopedia of Geomorphology

Orion – a nuclear pulse-propelled rocket constructed and tested in the mid  20th century by Dr.Ted Taylor and Dr.Ulam,  extending open-piston concepts of the mid 19th Century.

Oxidation of iron and similar elements is a major problem in near-Earth Orbit,  in Solar Space, and interstellar space.

Ponderable Mass is weighable

Propulsion –Traveling Wave

Raceway – simulates gravity

Radiator – power plant-  must dump thermal fluxes of 1,000 Mega Watt intensity

Radio (and microwave) – Gracile Space Suit mono wave, phase-coherent, “mono-pulse,” circular pol.

Rover – planetary explorer on wheels, treads that can explore.

Shaped Charge – shaped exploding medium that focuses combustion products into narrow-filament, thin-sheet,  or when used for propulsion a lobe that matches the size of a pusher plate or pot-reactor chamber of spaceship.

Shields – detonator,  crusher,  scatterer,  plow,   sweep,  magneto, wake?

Signature Theory – see Fairbridge Encyclopedia of Geomorphology

Simulator – full simulations of Starship and all auxiliary Crafts with actual man/machine-like interfacing hardware, software, and simulations of dynamics and environmental effects on the crew. The simulators are “schools” where children of ships companies begin training as soon as they can toddle, and continue all their lives.

Snap Reactor – radioisotope power source.

Space Suit – gracile, the most expensive equipment on a starship.

Spot Lander – planetary explorer lands on a selected spot.

Starbow- due to aberration

St. Elmo’s Fire – Slow Static electric discharges seen on masts and spars of ships,   occasionally seen on aircraft wings and tails during WWII.

Stellar Main Sequence (Expanded)

-1- Helmholtz heating

-2-tritium, Be, Li brown dwarf

-3- the deuterium brown dwarf

-4-LL Lyrae stars

-5-Early Red Giant

-6-Main Sequence (O,B,A,F,G, K,M,R, N.S,K)

-7-Late Red Giant

Sterile Zoo – animals born by caesarian section totally microorganism free.

Synthesizer – music popular though not by any means exclusively used as musical instruments on starships.   Organs and pianos are massive and exceedingly difficult to repair or replace, whereas synthesizers can be repaired and/or replaced.

Tempered – clavichord, piano, etc. tuning protocols such as harmonically spaced frequencies, for a favored key, or the compromise of equally adjusted intervals equal to the 12th root of 2.

Traveling Wave-Propulsion  [Gracile Space Suit]

UVWXYZ- labeled airlocks. Keep these airtight doors closed at all times.

Village – metal sphere max.100ft diameter carrying persons, garden decks, mini factories.