Lying Media Killed the Space Program

Dr. Enzmann, ca. 1970

The struggles to take humans to the stars that were worked on with such happy enthusiasm in the 1950s ended in the anguish of cancellations, technological moratoriums, dismantled factories, scrapped equipment, and blacklistings of proponent engineers – all orchestrated by a monopolistic media. The controlled media continued their role as a disloyal opposition by hideously distorting scientific engineering and economic facts. In addition, these super-rich, Aquarian international merchants of hate, implacable enemies of the middle class and working people of the world, worked both to destroy technological prosperity for the masses and as provocateurs to instigate wars in which working man would slaughter working man, all finally to rot together in mass graves while the super-rich grew richer, delicately holding hankies to their noses which were offended by the rotting flesh of millions.

Liberal Aquarian bureaucrats and their media then howled and bellowed their pious outrage at the military, the working class, and the middle class and screamed for righteous dictatorship. How idealistic they were, these sons of millionaires. Miserable unemployed persons were paid to riot, greeting American soldiers as they returned from the Vietnam War. The rioters flung wax paper bags filled with mixtures of human and animal excrement at the returning heroes or plastic bags filled with urine, often mixed with acids or caustics to blind the unfortunate veterans who were hit by them. The Aquarian campaign continues to this day.

During the Space Age, the Liberal Bureaucrats and their masters in the media who work for the super-rich Aquarians – the Black Guelph Conspiracy – operated a minor campaign to drive scientists and engineers devoted to progress out of the profession. Men who knew nothing of politics were, and still are, hounded out of any possibility of practicing their craft. Some were hounded to their graves by the entrenched hate-filled Liberals. The basic crime of such engineers and workers was, and is, very simply that they are/were alive.

Final solutions by the Liberals are all too common this century, even going backward: Pol Pot (Paris Trained) 3 million dead; China’s Gang of 4 ten million dead, India/Pakistan fifteen million dead, Idi Amin (trained in London) two million dead, Hitler twenty million dead, Bela Khan thirty million dead, Beria fifty thousand dead.