Voyage Beyond Apollo Who’s Who

The festivities at Cape Canaveral during a launch have been compared with New Year’s Eve, Mardi Gras, Derby Day, and the Fourth of July – rolled into one. As this first night launch turns night into day, the greatest celebration of all will be on board the Statendam! 1972.

This is from the information about the Voyage Beyond Apollo cruise in 1972 to witness the last moonshot, and a chance to participate in a history-making symposium. 
Text reads:
While millions watch in awe as Apollo 17 rises on a pillar of fire from its pad at Kennedy Space Center, you will witness this most spectacular event from the open decks of one of the finest ships on the seas, Holland America’s luxury liner S. S. Statendam.
The festivities at Cape Canaveral during a launch have been compared with New Year’s Eve, Mardi Gras, Derby Day, and the Fourth of July – rolled into one. As this first night launch turns night into day, the greatest celebration of all will be on board the Statendam!
Leaving Cape Canaveral anchorage, “Voyage Beyond Apollo” will embark on a journey through the Caribbean while the Apollo 17 sails moonward!
First, you will visit St. Thomas and its capital city, Charlotte Amalie – the playground of the elegant and duty-free shopping center for the riches of the world. You may wish to do some exploring of your own, visiting Magens Bay with one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – enjoy a Banana Daiquiri at the Mountain Top Hotel, famous for its panoramic view of the Virgin Islands – and the 300-year-old Bluebeard’s Castle, where you will enjoy a charming view of the town and harbor.
Then, on to San Juan – one of the oldest cities in the Caribbean, yet one of the newest. You may visit historic El Morro fortress – and super-glamours hotels … ancient churches, and modern shops.
Other text on this brochure:
An optional opportunity to participate in Space-Related Symposiums coordinated by Captain Edgar Mitchell, USN, retired, the sixth astronaut to walk on the moon.

This special Voyage Beyond Apollo is going to carry some special passengers too! Names such as Dr. Wernher Von Braun, Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Norman Mailer, as well as Geophysicists, Aeronautical Engineers, Astronomers, Anthropologists, Biochemists, and an Apollo astronaut.

They’ll hold seminars on topics ranging from “Apollo and the Moon – Man’s First Conscious step in Evolution,” to “The Mythology of other Star Systems, Constellations Unseen by Human Eyes.” You’ll even have the rare chance to attend a lecture by Dr. F. Drake on interstellar communication while in his laboratory, the 1,000-foot radio telescope deep in the jungles of Puerto Rico.

These seminars are an extraordinary added feature and naturally, at an added cost. Cabins for Voyage Beyond Apollo Cruise plus participation in the seminars and related social functions range from $750 to $1,400. Ask for Further information.

Symposium Participants
Captain Edgar Mitchell
Apollo 14 Lunar Module Pilot, sixth human being to walk on the lunar surface, first to conduct a scientific experiment in parapsychology from cislunar space
Chairman for the conference on “Recent Developments in Mind Science”
Dr. Robert Duncan Enzmann
Geophysicist, Environmental Sciences, New York Academy of Sciences Conference Chairman
“Presentation of Order Theory – Challenge to Einstein’s Relativity”
New York Academy of Sciences conference on Thermonuclear Fusion
“The Howling of Beasts: A Saga of Man’s 50,000 Years from Savagery to Space”
Dr. Krafft Ehricke
Chief Scientist, North American Rockwell
“The Magnificent Heritage” from the Origin of Life to Man’s Occupation O the Solar System
Arthur C. Clarke
Inventor in 1945 of Communication Satellite, Author of over 100 books covering all aspects of science and science fiction, author with Stanley Kubrick of “2001 – a Space Odyssey”
“Childhoods End – The human race on the eve of growing up.”
Dr. Wernher Von Braun
Aeronautics Consultant, Fairchild Hiller, Corp
“Apollo and the Moon – Man’s First Conscious Step in Evolution.”
Dr. Carl Sagan
Director Center for Radio-physics, Cornell University, Marine 9 Television Experimenter
“Mars – A Revolution in 90 Days”
“Extraterrestrial Life – Where it may be found and the possibilities of Contact”
“A Message to Earth – the story behind the historic plaque to the stars currently aboard Pioneer 10”
Dr. Constantine Generalis, D. Phil
Founder &  former Deputy Director Space Medicine Division New York State Medical Society
“Man and the Universe and their Interrelation”
Dr. Marvin Minski
Head, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, MIT
“The Immanent Creation of Artificial Intelligence and its Revolutionary Impact on Society”
Dr. Isaac Asimov
Former Prof Biochemistry, Boston University, Author of over 100 books covering science and science fiction, Developer of famous “Three Laws of Robotics”
“The Future – Doom or Utopia – A Choice”
Dr. F Drake
Director Arecibo Ionospheric Observatory
Former Director Project Ozma, world’s first formally defined effort to detect intelligent radio transmissions from interstellar space
“Interstellar Communication – the Possibilities Now and Tomorrow”
Dr. Michael Koe
Former Chairman Yale University Department of Anthropology, currently leading authority on Meso-American Anthropology
“The Astronomical Basis of the Olmec and Mayan Civilizations”
Neil Ruzic
President Industrial Research, author
“The case for going to the moon” and “Where the winds sleep”
“Human Acquisition of the Moon – its Effect on Art, Philosophy, and Science of a Civilization in Crisis”
G. Harry Stine
Founder and former president National Association of Rocketry, Author, Engineer, and Vice President StarQuest LTD
“The Third Industrial Revolution – Preservation of Earth Ecology through Factories in Space and Utilization of Resources of the Solar System”
Jackie Cooper
Actor, director, producer
Honorary celebrity chairman “Voyage Beyond Apollo”
Norman Mailer
Author “Of a Fire on the Moon,” et. al.
Dr. George Pezdirtz
Chief Chemistry Division, NASA, Langley Research Center
Program Chairman “Voyage Beyond Apollo”