FREA News 9

Michelle Snyder

Change is the one constant in life we can count on – seasons come and go and with them the wondrous scenes of natural beauty that each one offers. Spring is always welcome, especially in New England, where winter, although beautiful, is cold and dark and leaves us grateful for returning sunlight and warmth. FREA’s property is stunning in every season. Springtime brings us fragrance from our Magnolia tree and the many flowers that take their turns blooming. 

Change is also evident on a smaller scale than seasons. Friends of FREA have almost finished building our driveway wall that will greet visitors. Our many overgrown trees will be removed this month with all the deadwood, and the brush will be crunched thanks to a neighboring farm. Inside, our video studio is all but complete. Thank you to all who have helped these changes manifest. 

FREA has hired an Assistant Director. Holly Snyder comes to us with various talents that will benefit our efforts to publish, promote, and protect the Enzmann Archive. She has ten years of Paralegal management experience, is pursuing a degree in geology and natural sciences, and is a talented editor and organizer. Holly is also experienced in theater and will be our Face of FREA in video promotions. 

FREA is blessed with a new look thanks to our marketing company inThink. As we move forward with branding, web development, and marketing, we become more and more concise in conveying what and who we are. Our new website is under construction and will be launched soon. The domain name is 

In our video studio, Jay is producing promotional videos using our new graphics and verbal branding. The cover of this ENDEAVOR sports part of that new image. We are promoting the Archive of unpublished work, the Archive of objects, paintings, stitchwork, and photographs awaiting our future Enzmann Museum and Gallery, our Enzmann Library, and our already published books.  

Our vast resource of scifi stories is getting organized; the Enzmann Universe is truly a challenge. Our newest device is old school but definitely the best way to go. An 8-foot white eraser board is now covered with lists of stories, characters, destinations, spaceships – they all have names and events. 

All the stories must be put in chronological Order. Also on the board is a list of Doc E’s nonfiction manuscripts, academic and professional subjects, and life events. Planetology and space mission planning is the largest category, followed by history. Titles range from the ice age to the space age, literally. 

Now that social restrictions are lifting, FREA hopes to have a cookout with our Board and FREA’s Friends this summer. Our patio is being refurbished, the bricks have been taken up, and we have to level the ground then reset them. 

One thing we never are at FREA is boring. We will continue to research, publish and build, enriching both the academic and physical environment offered by the Foundation for Research of the Enzmann Archive, Inc.

 Our vision is manifesting step by step, and FREA makes the Enzmann Archive accessible step by step. 

Another great event for FREA and our Friends! We have acquired a college intern in our video studio for the summer! Justin Meininger comes to us from a film college in Indiana while he is home with family in Grafton this summer. We anticipate a mutually beneficial relationship. Justin brings to FREA new enthusiasm and ideas. Another set of hands and eyes is always good. FREA offers Justin a place for creative expression, direction, and application of skills he is learning in school. He is already overflowing with ideas to promote FREA. 

Jay R will be producing Podcasts from FREA along with videos covering a variety of topics. 

Our next issue of Enzmann Chronicles will continue the story of Verity and a clever short story – Dress of Glory. We continue the mythological epic The Wheel and give our readers a glimpse of the fascinating account of an AI become sentient, ALTHEA, a full-length scifi soon to be published by FREA.

In this ENDEAVOR, we present the mathematics for the Starbow, a new columnist’s article Fact of the Matter: Order Theory, and the structure of The Colonial Society – a business set up to facilitate colonizations. All from Doc E and Joanna. 


Rare Appearance of Doc E in the Media
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