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The Lying Media is not a new concept, and Dr. Enzmann reveals the power of the media as he discusses their disloyal opposition and hideous distortion of scientific engineering and economic facts alongside the power of rich, Aquarian international merchants of hate who bellow their pious outrage at the military, the working class, and the middle class. Together, they operated a campaign to drive scientists and engineers devoted to interstellar travel and the general progression of humankind out of the profession.

In Pangman Sketches: Ships for the Engines, FREA presents letters from Edwin Pangman to Dr. Enzmann from December 1985 in which he discusses his studies of fission processing and inefficiencies in the current methods of harnessing available energy. Included are original, detailed sketches of the Echolance, various types of engines, new ideas for ANPs, and ideas and questions on how to improve on current propulsion equipment.

The Price is Right: The Cost of Starships boasts a beautiful painting of the Enzmann Starship Torch Class by David Hardy, and Dr. Enzmann predicts that the cost of a starship will remain the same as decades proceed from the 1960s onward. Efficient technology and the standard of living increased and now, the infrastructure needed to support interstellar expeditions is being built and emplaced. He muses about the near future and the destiny that humankind is undoubtedly going to fulfill.

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