Who was

Dr. Enzmann?

Besides his life-long U.S. Secret clearance, he changed the world with his mission planning for space exploration. He even kept all of his personal work a secret. It has never been seen or heard of until now. FREA brings you The Enzmann Archive and his established course for the future of space exploration.


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Verity’s Dragon

Welcome to FREA

FREA, Inc., the Foundation for Research of the Enzmann Archive in Massachusetts, was founded out of passion and dedication to preserve and publish the life’s work of two extraordinary people: Dr. Robert and Joanna Enzmann. Their many decades of unpublished research in the field of space exploration and mission planning and all that needs to be learned for humans to colonize space is a national treasure. Their work from the stone age to the space age is unique and extraordinary.

Our mission is to preserve, catalog, and publish this vast collection of papers and manuscripts and make them available and accessible to everyone.

Discover: The Enzmann Starship

Don’t miss the Starship Gallery of fan art. Based on the design developed by Dr. Enzmann in the late 1940s, the Enzmann Starship is a nuclear pulse interstellar ship fueled by a 3-million-ton ball of frozen deuterium. Published in Analog Magazine in 1972, this starship gained popularity among sci-fi enthusiasts and the engineering world of space exploration. This flyby is the excellent work of Nick Stevens.


Firebow and Horse Poop

Wheels. Everyone has them somewhere.

Dr. Enzmann In His Own Words

Orbicular Bodies in S W Africa

Lenses and Light