Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann and Joanna Enzmann, 1958, married in the MIT chapel.

Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann was born in Peking, China, in the early 20s to an American mother and an Austrian father. His father, Ernst von Enzmann, was an officer in Franz Josef’s army. He escaped from prison in Siberia by walking to China. His mother, Florence Goodman was a native of Maine. After graduating from Johns Hopkins, Florence joined the Peking Union Medical College staff. Ernst and Florence met there and married.

As he grew up, Robert attended British Embassy schools. Dr. Enzmann came to the USA for the first time at the age of five. He grew up splitting his time between Massachusetts and Maine. He earned his doctoral degree in medicine and geology and attained three master’s degrees during his educational career. He served in the Navy during WWII and saw 14 active combat situations, including the Leyte Gulf Battle in the Philippines and air support for the invasion of Normandy Beach. He was shot down more than once and received a Purple Heart for his service.

Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann

Enzmann All Over The World…

Once he finished his education, Dr. Enzmann conducted geological work all over the world spending a great amount of time in Southwest Africa. During his field work he authored several books including translations of ice age inscriptions that were published in 2013.

Decades of Technological Advancement…

During his nearly 100 years of life, Dr. Enzmann witnessed a century of technological advance, from life without electricity to man’s first steps on the moon. He saw the invention of the television, cars, computers, missiles, rockets, space shuttles, internet, and cellphones. He worked with von Braun to develop the most powerful engine ever devised – the Saturn Five.

Today, Dr. Enzmann is known for his work in the pre-NASA space and military weapons industries. His work laid the engineering foundation for missile defense and landing men on the Moon. He worked for Beryllium Corp, Avco, and Raytheon and taught at several Boston universities.

FREA invites the world into the Enzmann Universe. We create physical and virtual experiences from The Enzmann Archive that inspire future generations to explore, protect, and improve the known and unknown worlds around them.

Doctor Enzmann Through The Years

Dr. Enzmann’s work on weapons and radar resulted in an unparalleled military capability to defend our nation. But the most famous part of his portfolio is the Enzmann Starship, an interstellar ship based on a design that Dr. Bussard and Dr. Enzmann worked on – the Orion. Dr. Enzmann’s starship advanced Orion’s capabilities to that of interstellar travel. His most elegant design, however, is not well known. The Echolance Starship uses advanced technology for propulsion, scoops its fuel from space, and can travel at near light speed.

At FREA, our mission is to publish the vast archive of writing and imagery Dr. Enzmann produced in his nine decades of life. The Archive contains not just his stories, but sciences and history as well – translations of ice age inscriptions, timelines, cosmology, astronomy, medicine, geology, radar, physics, mathematics, planetology, engineering, archaeology, and more.

The Archive also includes hundreds of objects from his life, his travels, and his work on every continent. FREA is founding a museum and gallery as part of the Enzmann Legacy.

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