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At the dawn of the U.S. military defense computers, beneath a mountain at the birthplace of America’s Missile and Space Activity – a.k.a. White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico – the U.S. created a robot to break all robotic laws. It was a fully autonomous tank that ruled the battlefield. This is not a war story. It is the story of what happens when a military AI decides to be a real girl. Yet if anything could go right, it might.

“Hear the anvil clang and ring, see the mighty hammer swing. Clinking Clanking so and so. Smith and Patience time the blow. Worthy Sons of Tubal Cain.”
A tiny speck that carries a secret floats in space for eons. If released, this secret will become the most formidable force in the universe. 




There is a murky project so obliquely funded that neither U.S.’s susurrating Congress nor its frieze of passing Presidents know it exists. Or do they?





Thieves, starships, stowaways, murder, and escape. It’s just a typical night at Oilcan Harry’s Caveat Emporium. 





There are two exceptionally intelligent AI cars in South Dakota. They finally got driver’s licenses, and now want to run for office. What could go wrong? 





Dr. Hugo made an exceptional discovery – an amazing planet. The main downfall is that he was now lunch.

Chronos weighs only four ounces. It is accurate to one microsecond per one hundred thousand years. Now at their planetary destination, it is time to wake up and land. Chronos controls the functions of all the machines – and there are many. 

This explorer is in his starship alone. What is he doing for all these ages? Read Lone Explorer and find out!

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