Enzmann Starships In Media

Enzmann Starships in media through the years.

The Enzmann starship has been a subject of many media producers long before FREA existed. Here are some videos and other media for your enjoyment.

The Angry Astronaut

The Angry Astronaut

Is it even possible? The Angry Astronaut discusses the topic. This was live on September 10, 2023.

What’s the best way to travel from star to star? 

This video was created in 2023 by Ethan Wright

This video was created in 2023 by Terry Halbert. 

How Did Enzmann’s Forgotten Ideas Impact Modern Science? by Ethan Wright

Robert Enzmann and His Forgotten Ideas by Terry Halbert

This fly-by is Fan Art rendered by Nick Stevens in 2019. Thank you to Nick for this unique rendering of the Enzmann Starship — take a look at what this starship might look like going through space. This piece inspired excellent work by GrahamTG that you can find in our Enzmann Gallery.

Enzmann Starship Flyby by Nick Stevens

In 2018 Paul Shilito produced this video full of known names and ideas. Robert Goddard passed his mission on to Robert Duncan-Enzmann, who worked toward the Grand Design his entire life.

Interstellar Space Arks – Humanity’s Exodus From Earth by Curious Droid


Journal of the British Interplanetary Society

Vol. 65 No. 6, June 2012

World Ships – The Long Journey To The Stars

The Enzmann Starship: History & Engineering Appraisal

A. Crowl, K.F. Long, & R. Obousy

In June 2012 The Journal of the British Interplanetary Society produced a technical appraisal of the History & Engineering of the Enzmann Pulse Class starship. You can read the full report – click the button.

To The Stars article about Dr. Enzmann by Frederik Pohl in Galaxy magazine 1965

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