Welcome to FREA

FREA, Inc., the Foundation for Research of the Enzmann Archive in Massachusetts, was founded out of passion and dedication to preserve and publish the life’s work of two extraordinary people: Dr. Robert and Joanna Enzmann. Their many decades of unpublished research in the field of space exploration and mission planning and all that needs to be learned for humans to colonize space is a national treasure. Their work from the stone age to the space age is unique and extraordinary.

Our mission is to preserve, catalog, and publish this vast collection of papers and manuscripts and make them available and accessible to everyone.

About FREA

The Foundation for Research of the Enzmann Archive, Inc. is a Massachusetts based 501C3 charitable organization comprised of people dedicated to preserving, researching, and publishing the life’s work of Dr. Robert and Joanna Enzmann. Dr. Enzmann changed the face of our technology and military defense with his work in space mission planning, planetology, computer programming, and missile defense systems. The Enzmann APChE system forever changed the process of prelaunch countdown checks used on every vehicle that leaves the planet. FREA is supported by the sale of our publications, memberships to our website, and charitable donations from those who value knowledge and want to see this unpublished treasure available.

The Founding Story

FREA was founded by Michelle Snyder through her passion for Enzmann’s life work. Her husband Jay was hired to solve some structural problems in the Enzmann’s home, where he found a massive pile of papers, books, and periodicals crumbling to dust in the attic. The pile reached from one end of the attic to the other. Michelle and Jay had been working on some of Dr. Enzmann’s writing but had no idea how much of it there was until they made this discovery. They insisted, “You can’t just let this crumble to dust!” After a while, the entire Archive was entrusted to them for research and compilation of its content. Years later, FREA was founded to facilitate this continued effort which was too big for two people in their home office. Now FREA has several committed persons going through a tremendous amount of paper, computer files, images, and objects that require attention – preservation and organization. The publication of this Archive will benefit all humanity for generations.

Our Team

FREA’s President and Treasurer are Mrs. Joanna Enzmann. Michelle Snyder is Founder and Vice President. Jay R Snyder is the Executive Director of Production, and Holly Snyder is our Assistant Director. Board members are Holly Snyder, Donald Crookes, Edwin Pangman, and Ron Haley.

Independent researchers work with FREA, scouring the content of the archives for compilation into publishable material for the ENDEAVOR. This is a daunting process as there are hundreds of thousands of pages of on-paper writing and as many computer files to be gone through, with subject matter ranging from cosmology to history to interstellar travel.