Concerning Immortality

Robert Duncan-Enzmann

These notes are accompanied by a newspaper article titled “Evidence for the Recessive Nature of Immortality.” No name or date on it. Enzmann wrote this a couple of decades ago, at least.

It has long been suspected that something of the nature of a “death hormone,” and/or death, is programmed into the genetic sequence of all Metazooans. It has been known for about a generation that normal mammalian cells only divide a fixed number of times, after which they cease dividing and eventually die.

And hauntingly,  mysteriously, some strains of what seem to be pathological cells are, as far as is currently known, immortal.

Everyone in biology who was alert realized when gene transplanting became possible that it should – in theory – be possible to hybrid immortals, both single cells and humans. And last, and most surprisingly, no part of the media has noticed. At last single immortal cells have been nurtured; most importantly, the immortal cells are normal. Hitherto-fore, immortal cells have been cancerous, varieties such as the Hela strains.

It is interesting that immortal cells have been created, and that the characteristic of immortality is recessive. Imagine the struggle that is going on in the laboratories of the world to prepare immortal strains of all human cells. Could such cells be given to persons with techniques such as the Swiss cellular infusion technique?

Manifestly researchers have their own cells in hybridising experiments. Have any researchers prepared immortal lines of their own cells? If they have, have they infused themselves with such cells?

I find the idea much more wholesome than infusing embryonic animal tissue, and vastly more wholesome than the alleged use of human embryo tissues for infusions, or the guarded, whispered rumors that for a hefty price an old male can conceive a tissue-matched child, to be sacrificed for the preparation of”rejuvenation” of human tissue infusions. No wonder people feel that biological experiments should be monitored and some prohibited. 

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