Cosmological Thoughts – Enlightening

Blair March

Perusing the many cosmological papers in the Archive is an enlightening experience. As I work through documents my brain thinks extraordinary things.

Doc E says humans cannot explain anything. We can only observe and report, which I will attempt to do – report what I think because of what I read in the Archive.

I would say that data is not knowledge. Knowledge is not data. Knowledge comes from data that is filtered through experiences and observation. To understand Creation, we must observe it.

The Bible says: “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” Psalm 19:1-6

Scientists are trained observers. Researchers are people who dive into the experiences and look at things again from a different perspective. Engineers are practical scientists; they take what has been found and through their knowledge come up with useful things.

Imagine a void in space where two places meet. According to Doc E, a void is discontinuous, and these voids are separated by sheets. Where the sheets intersect, filaments form, and vertices are located at the filament conjunctions.

Picture light filtering into a room. This light is strong and very dusty, and over time settles where two places meet. Where are these two places? These places exist at the junction of two sheets where a thing started to form: the chaos of the ‘dust’ settling in and swirling, forming and reforming again into an object – an object in a series of well-ordered things. (See Expanded Order Theory)

The light continues to shine, and particles continue to accumulate over time. How long one might ask? How do you measure time? Is time that elusive something that mankind came up with to measure something that is not seen, only experienced?

It is said that God created the earth and all the creatures (plant, animal, and mineral) in seven days. What is a day?

There are periods of great darkness and other periods of great light. A day is a period of light and dark, or dark and light. We observe that this is because of the Earth’s relationship to the sun. This pattern affects the development of all life on Earth epigenetically.

The writer was not there when the Earth was formed in the void of space so cannot know by experience how it happened – knowing comes by observation, experiences, an open mind, and faith and belief. Yet just because something is believed does not make it so. Doc E states that Faith is more fundamental than Logic. It is by faith that we learn the rhetoric of language that gives us the ability to use logic.

One cannot control the swirling dust in space that formed this planet that we live on. We ask what or who does control this stuff? We say God does; it gives us something to relate to. Does it explain anything? No. But it gives us closure so we can ponder something else.

The writer is looking forward to more thinking inspired by the Cosmology material in the Enzmann Archive.


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