FREA invites the world into the Enzmann Universe

FREA will create physical and virtual experiences from the Enzmann Archive that will inspire future generations to explore, protect, and improve the known and unknown worlds around them.

Vision & Mission

FREA’s mission is to preserve, catalog, publish, and make the Enzmann Archive available and accessible.

FREA has a truly untapped Archive of viable peer-reviewed science that has been lost to time. Dr. Enzmann’s unpublished research into space mission planning and colonization, and the science fiction stories he wrote to bring starship culture to life, cannot be found or produced anywhere else.

FREA is bigger on the inside

At their core, Dr. and Mrs. Enzmann were explorers, seekers, and believers in what could be. Our foundation is committed to cultivating that spirit. The Enzmann Archive represents a truly incomparable database of knowledge in the field of space exploration, technology, and the humanities. This viable, peer-reviewed science was lost to time – we are striving to resurrect it.

FREA is tasked with preserving and sharing the collected works of two important yet overlooked intellectuals. This is our charter and passion. We consider ourselves fortunate to have found and been granted access to this fascinating and diverse Archive.

We are here to help bring our readers, volunteers, and members into the Enzmann Universe.

What FREA offers is not just academic. The collected works of Dr. and Joanna Enzmann represent and provide important insights into our past and a scientifically proven vision for humankind’s future in space.

FREA is hopeful, passionate, and enthusiastic

We understand that some people may doubt the Archive at first. In our experience, they will be inspired and come around at their own pace, given access to the material. While there is an element of whimsy and storytelling in the Archive and in our publications, the information is always grounded in Dr. Enzmann’s scientific research.

FREA is fortunate to be entrusted with the Archive. We know we have something special and unique, and we are proud of it. Our trust in the Archive comes from decades of working with the Enzmanns. We have enthusiasm for the promise it holds.

We take our mission seriously.

FREA’s effort to get the eyes of the world on the work of Dr. Enzmann is a genuine pursuit. There are elements of mystery and the unknown in the Archive – what might be found in it tomorrow?

FREA is publishing the Archive, which includes the history of Dr. Enzmann. Our publications will include more than just their professional and academic achievements. FREA will tell his story, what drove him to develop this prolific body of work, and what he hoped to achieve.

We will build the perceived value of the Archive and what it will mean for current and future generations. This will help others understand the critical need for support so we can continue uncovering the Archive’s many secrets.

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