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Robert Duncan-Enzmann

On the subject of Cosmology, Dr. Enzmann emphasizes two important statements:

1) Gödel’s Proof: Things can be either consistent or complete but cannot be both.

2) St. Thomas Aquinas: Infinite regression is impossible.

Cosmology grows, in part, from a culture’s astronomical observation and knowledge. Working knowledge of prehistoric astronomic knowledge is fundamental to forming a cosmological theory.

The Mathematician provides a brief list of prehistoric cosmologies – incomplete but sufficient for conversation with the Reverend.

28,000 BC: Aurignacian Hunter’s Cosmology.

21,000-18,000 BC: Solutrean Hunter’s Cosmology during Solutrean Würm III/Würm IV Interglacial Le Placard, France.

14,500 BC Megafauna-Hunter’s Cosmology. Lascaux Mild Interval astronomy is consistent and incomplete.

12,000 BC Tetra-fauna and Silviculture Cosmology and Bølling Warm Interval Astronomy consistent and incomplete.

10,000 BC: Hunt and Flax-Hemp Pocket-Garden Cosmology.

9000 BC: Allerød Warm Interval Astronomy, consistent & incomplete

8500-6000 BC: Boreal astronomy and cosmology are consistent and incomplete.

6000 BC – Vanir Cosmology, a harbinger of “Christian New Testament Ethics”.

In Norse cosmology, Muspelheim (northward) and Nifelheim (southward) being of the Abyss, can represent both direction and Parity, which implies that nature, the universe, “knows” the difference between left-and-right. The matter of Parity euphemistically called “the conserved property” of symmetry, is namely that according to theory, left-and-right at a most fundamental level is totally ambiguous. However, nature does, at a most fundamental level, “know the difference,” which has infuriated most mainstream physicists and mathematical physicists for over a century. (Dr. Enzmann has indicated to the editor that DNA is left-handed). If Parity isn’t conserved (that is, if left and right are not ambiguous) much of today’s science will, in the future, be as useful as Dark Age medieval science.

As stated: fundamentally, cosmology grows from what is known about the universe. What if what is thought to be known is not correct?

We note that Emma Noether’s math does indeed prove that if a property is symmetrical (ambiguous) then it is conserved (ambiguous). However, we prefer a more wholesome statement of the same tautology by Gertrude Stein discovered during her sojourn in Paris, contending that: “A rose is a rose, is a rose, is a rose.”

It compares with 2000 AD astronomical observations where, had the Norse and Germanic mythology persisted more generally, the three roots of the Yggdrasil nourished by Fountain Huergelmir could be taken to represent sheets between great voids feeding filaments, where sheets intersect and pour their substance into junctions, which is where galactic superclusters are located.

Great Voids and Chaos: The mythological serpent Nidhogg eternally gnaws at the roots of the Yggdrasil, while concurrently four stags eternally browse at the leaves, symbolizing everything in and of the universe that is not abyss or void. Mathematical Physics and Cosmology equate serpent Nidhogg to e = hv (1-d/D) and p = mv(1-d/D).

Flowing from the Abyss, concurrently melded, formed, and molded by action through Nifelheim and Muspelheim the colossus, the giant, the largest of all entities from which all others are formed, is convoluted of void (the abyss) through Nifelheim and Muspelheim. [S]He is YMIR as in the tapestry of void and substance, the Galactic sequence, and stellar sequence.

Of YMIR’S sundered body all things of our and other worlds are formed. Audumla the cow, a symbol we date to early herders of Central Europe and the Andronovo Corridor 5800 BC, licked congealed substance of Nifelheim and Muspelheim such that the head, then the living body of Buri, whose son Bor (the farmer Boer, Bauer) married Bestla. Their children included Odin, Vili, and Ve.

Much more is understood in our current century. Duals are found explicitly in heavy element debris and stardust of the stellar main sequence. And life itself is better described this century, as medicine and biology evolve from taxonometric description, placebo, healers, faith, credibility, and love – out of the “black arts” toward science.

Cosmology in History

6000-5000 BC: Hunt & Kitchen Garden Cosmology. Early Atlantic Warm Maximum Astronomy Consistent & Incomplete.

5000-4500 BC: Loess-Land Farmers’ Cosmology. Early and Middle Atlantic Maximum Warm astronomy is consistent and incomplete.

4500-3750 BC: Textile-Trading Mariners’ Cosmology

4000-3200 BC: Late Atlantic & Sub-Boreal Heavenly Hemisphere China

3750-3000 BC: Megalith Sailors Flee Global Cooling Sub Boreal Climate Deterioration. Megalith Global Voyagers’ Cosmology.

3000-1200 BC: Sub-Boreal Cosmology.

1200 – BC/AD: World War ends Bronze Age cosmology, astronomy & secret Portolan Maps of Greek Dark Age.

1200-700 BC: Star-light & navigation cosmology

BC/AD to 400 AD: Christ to Constantine

400-1453 AD: Scholastic Dark-Age Cosmology. Impossible Dogma.

Mid-20th Century: Grand Unification, incomplete and self-inconsistent.

20th – 21st Century: Theories of Everything: Impossible Dogma.

21st Century: Let There Be Light Christian Steady-State Cosmology is consistent but incomplete.

Mathematician and Reverend

The Mathematician has always said to the Editor that the so-called disagreements between religion and science are, in reality, nonexistent and that the two must, for the sake of humankind, come together again.

Mathematician: Science and Religion must once again come together. There is much to be learned in the Scriptures if one knows how to read them.

1) From Dust to Dust, 2)- Energy’s added, and between dust and dust is mass. 3)- Mass, lying between dust and dust evolves through a galactic line of descent. This described the Macro-cosmos. 4) Stars and other sub-structures of galaxies further detail the evolution of mass between dust and dust. 5) The microcosmic evolution of elements then details the evolution of stars.

Reverend: Is such information understandably applicable to all cosmologies?

Mathematician: Yes, and here I reiterate that our Christian Cosmology is incomplete but self-consistent. It’s more complete than other earlier self-consistent cosmologies. We avoid the pitfall of dogmatic cosmologies, or of pretending completeness, which is inevitably self-inconsistent.

Reverend:    You didn’t say where and how we are incomplete.

Mathematician: We can know what we don’t know, and that’s neither tautology nor intended to hide behind.

What’s missing is any real knowledge of both the QM’s and the Æther. I just say: suppose the QM’s and Æ are such and such, then all that follows is self-consistent. But, you see, the description is incomplete. Yes, the description may well, over time, improve, even extend to ever-smaller realms, but infinite regression is impossible, and description of an ultimate consistency is impossible. And so there we are, incomplete.

It’s my view that Scripture is not only revelation but also excellent history and science. Of course, it’s written by humans, and none of us are perfect, so – history can be distorted.

By example, the Noachian Flood account may be reporting the 7640 BC cometary impact, with seven impacts, one of which sent a tsunami wave up the Persian Gulf. Or perhaps it’s the 6000 BC Hudson Bay Slush-out in which the epicontinental sea about Hudson Bay surged into the World Ocean raising sea level such that the Euxenite Lake became the Black Sea and the Baltic Lake became the Baltic Sea.

The Seven Days of Creation tell us a lot about the Orders in which things came to be. A summary of the events in Scripture will align to the description of the manifestation of the Orders as published in Expanded Order Theory.

As an example, look at the Second Day Sky, when sky and water are separated. This is where hydrogen, a major component of water, is separated out of the sky of galactic clusters.

On this Second Day, light created from chaotic darkness within the great Voids impinges on -4th ORDER Intergalactic Tapestry. Here the background radiation is convoluted into protons and electrons of hydrogen and helium. The tapestry is comprised of sheets (surfaces) between voids of filaments where sheets intersect, and of junctions where filaments cross one another. And, all together form the tapestry containing almost all things of the knowable universe.


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